Weatherproof Night Vision CCTV Super HAD Sony CCD Camera - (PAL) - 36 IR LED + Die-cast aluminum casing

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    Weatherproof Night Vision CCTV Super HAD Sony CCD Camera - (PAL) - CCTV video surveillance camera
    Weatherproof night vision security video surveillance camera with Sony Super HAD CCD imaging sensor for the highest quality video possible you can get from a security camera.

    The design of this CCTV surveillance camera is thoughtful in every detail. This model,I15, includes a top-rate CCD Sony Super HAD image sensor, native support for dual video outputs, includes manual lens adjustments (zoom, focus, aperture), and includes 36 infrared LED's to support night vision in absolute darkness. This professional-grade video surveillance camera is the perfect choice for small businesses, security conscience homeowners, and anyone needing the latest in video surveillance technology.

    All this video camera technology is packaged inside a high quality die-cast aluminium casing for 100% uptime in all operating environments. Capable of working in all weather environments and total darkness (nightvision via 36 IR LED's), once theI15is setup during installation, this CCTV surveillance camera will give you total safety and security because it will operate 24/7 (24 hours, 7 days a week) for years to come.

    This advanced technology wired CCTV surveillance camera not only includes the Sony HAD CCD, but it also capable of automatically switching between night and day mode and its auto-iris lens will adjust automatically to different lighting conditions to give you the clearest possible image. If you tried to buy a similar spec-grade camera from Samsung, Panasonic, Vitek, IQ or Messoa it would cost $300-$400. Here at Ankaka we are offering it to you at low China Wholesale direct from the factory price. This camera is in stock now for single piece or large bulk purchases. Order yours today and we will express ship it out to you tomorrow. Only at!

    • CCTV video surveillance camera
    • Weatherproof
    • 36 IR LED's
    • Auto ON/OFF night vision
    • Die-cast aluminum casing
    • Spec-grade manual lens adjustment options
    • Super HAD CCD Sony Lens (1/3 inch)



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