World's Smallest Portable DVB-T Digital TV (touchscreen, 2.8 Inch)

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    World's Smallest Portable DVB-T Digital TV (2.8 Inch)

    • World's smallest DVB-T digital TV
    • Great touch screen interface with crystal clear image
    • Simple navigation menu for best possible user experience

    Note: This product only supports DVB-T format and therefore will not work in North America.

    World's Smallest Portable DVB-T Digital TV (2.8 Inch) with a vivid touch screen LCD, channel manager and EPG functions. Watch television like never before!

    If you love television, be prepared to be able to finally enjoy TV no matter where you are! This new hot item gives you a crystal clear digital image for the best possible viewing while on the go. The ZEF-E15 comes with a variety of user function controls to allow you (the user) to manually adjust the display screen to suit your viewing needs. Its unique dimensions being just 90 x 52 x 14 (mm) makes this model smaller than a mobile phone.

    All over the world, millions of people commute on trains and buses every day. If you are one of them, then why not use this ultra portable digital TV to keep up with newscasts and weather reports or just simply enjoy watching your favorite football team. With the ZEF-E15 you never have to miss any of the action.

    The world's smallest portable DVB-T digital TV is now in stock, and available to you straight from the leader in direct wholesale electronics, Ankaka.

    China Specificationss

    • Primary Function: DVB - T digital TV player
    • DVB - T receiving standard: MPEG - 2
    • Screen Size: 2.8 inch LCD
    • Interface Type: Touch screen
    • Menu Options:
      - Program Menu - Channel Manager / Soundtrack / Subtitle / EPG
      - Setup - Area Scan / Manual Scan / Display / Language
      Channel UP/Down - Volume UP/Down
    • On Board Buttons/Slots:
      - Power On/OFF
      - LED Power Indicator
      - 3.5mm Plug - in
      - Mini USB Slot
      - Speakers x2
    • Power Supply: Built in rechargeable battery, Power adapter 100 - 240V, USB cable
    • Menu Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese
    • Dimensions: L:90 x H:52 x D:14 (mm)
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WHOLESALEDZJ5TVUUKQ3B

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • DVB - T does not work in North America - the United States, Canada, Mexico
    • This product receives MPEG - 2 encoded DVB - T signals. Please check whether your region's digital TV broadcasts are MPEG - 2 type instead of MPEG - 4 before purchasing this product.
    • Retractable Antenna length = 175mm
    • Comes with stereo speaker for max audio clarity
    • All round smooth surface with silver outlining, and front/back black color

    Package List

    • Model AEF - E15 - DVB - T digital TV (2.8 Inch)
    • USB to Mini USB Cable (length = 1 meter)
    • Earphones - (White Color)
    • Power Adapter 100 - 240V
    • Fashionable Black Carry Case
    • Manual - English

    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

    • Does this product come with a stylus pen? No, the touch screen interface responds quickly and accurately, a stylus pen will only slow you down.
    • Will this digital TV work in the USA? No, USA digital frequencies are broadcasted in the ATSC format and not DVB - T.


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    I wonder if this TV has FM Radio and Am. [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please kindly notice that this product only has program recording function, but cannot do FM & AM frequencies on the radio.

    2012-10-08 23:45:36 Andrea Williams