Wooden LED Digital Alarm Calendar Desk Clock

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    Wooden LED Digital Desk Calendar Alarm Clock
    Ready for the latest in bedside aesthetics? Ankaka presents the Wooden LED Alarm Clock! With its simplistic design and organic feel, this clock can fit into any decorum!


    Calendar within years 2000-2099

    Select between 12/24 hours display formats

    Alternately display time, month & date, and temperature

    Supports Voice control Function

    Manufacturer Specifications

    LED Color: Green

    Product Size: 160x80x80mm

    Materials: Plastic, Wood

    DC 60V/100MA power supply; built-in battery

    AC/DC adapter power input: AC 110V - 240V, 50/60Hz

    Voice Control: Yes

    Package List

    1 x Wooden LED Digital Desk Calendar Alarm Clock

    1 x Power Supply

    1 x English Manual


        Please refer to the bottom of the site.

    what is the accuracy of the clock? how long the battery operates with out power supply? Is there any difference in accuracy when it operates from power& battery [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please connect with power suply to keep the clock working.Please email sale@ankaka.com for more information.

    2013-11-04 09:09:40 nramamurthy

    Is the finish genuine wood, wood veneer, or other material? How long doe the clock operate with batteries? Thanks. [ANKAKA REPLIED] The item needs to connect with power supply to use.

    2013-10-25 14:45:37 Frank Cody

    what is the time keeping accuracy of this clock.? Is this different with power& battery? What happens when there is no power &battery is weak? Does the display goes off on battery mode? [ANKAKA REPLIED] The item needs to connect with power supply to use.

    2013-10-21 23:30:46 N.Ramamurthy

    in battery mode how long the batter will last. how much is the consumption in mille ampere? [ANKAKA REPLIED] Our product has very detailed descriptions on the product page. If you can’t find the information you require, pls kindly email us or contact us with the following ways: MSN: sale@ankaka.com Phone number: 86-755-82771810.

    2013-10-21 10:13:15 N.Ramamurthy

    what does the description mean by "voice control function"?

    2013-02-11 23:22:24 sarah

    i have your clock. how do you turn on the display permanently while battery operated? [ANKAKA REPLIED]The time, date and temperature will display automatically once the battery is operated.

    2012-05-26 02:02:02 julia

    Hi please can you help I have lost my instructions for this clock & I cannot cancel alarm, is it possible you could email me instruction manual please I would be so grateful!! Many thanks Ritchie [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls email sale@ankaka.com for the e-manual and include your order number.

    2011-11-05 17:33:02 Ritchie Brockies

    Does the display turn on permanently? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes.

    2011-08-27 09:05:28 George

    Hi, please, what are real dimensions of this clock? I think that they are much longer then 160 mm. Thank You for Your answer! [ANKAKA REPLIED]:This clock is 160mm in length.

    2011-08-23 18:32:38 MICHAEL

    How to disable the transition from the time of the date and temperature, and fix that was just the time [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls email sale@ankaka.com for the time setting instruction.

    2011-06-06 13:32:01 DrBibis

    So if i would order one, i would get a specific adapter usable in my country (standard Europe model, i'm from Belgium). Thanks for a reply. [ANKAKA REPLIED]We will attach a free complementary adaptor to let it fit your region. Pls refer to the site for more info: http://support.ankaka.com/wholesale-faq/ankaka-provides-free-plug-adaptors-for-items-that-use-electrical-plugs/

    2011-05-13 15:26:08 Roland

    what colour is the wood? [ANKAKA REPLIED]The wood is in light beige.

    2011-03-09 15:32:20 JONATHAN

    does the clock come with a plug suitable for france power sockets? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes. We ship plugs for different countries.

    2011-01-17 06:32:57 legoff

    How do you mute the alarm clock when pressing the buttons ? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Sorry. You can't mute the clock when pressing button.

    2011-01-13 14:37:22 Ben

    does the clock have a mute button to stop it beeping when you press the buttons [Ankaka Replied:] Yes, Correct.

    2011-01-10 02:28:16 Ben

    I like how the characters stay lit constantly. Will this still be the case when using only battery (4x AA?) power or do you have to use the A/C adaptor? [ANKAKA RELIED] The characters lit constantly for both battery and adaptor power. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2010-12-17 04:20:39 Mountford

    does the clock come with a plug suitable for australian power sockets? [ANKAKA REPLIED] Yes. We supply Australian power socket. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2010-11-15 23:53:58 Simon

    do you have other colors [Ankaka replied]: we only carry this green color for now. Thank you for your inquiry.

    2010-09-16 07:23:10 jacker