Wireless Video and Audio Signal Detector - Wireless Tap Detector For Your Privacy & Safe

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    Wireless Video and Audio Signal Detector - Wireless Tap Detector
    Wireless video and audio tap transmitter detector for worldwide use.You can never be too safe these days. Everywhere from the company meeting room, to hotel rooms and bathrooms, it seems like no place is safe from prying eyes. We see the articles in the newspapers every week. Well, now you can do something about it. With this wide band wireless AV tap detector you can ensure that no wireless cameras or transmitting audio bugs are trying to gain access to your private conversations. Conduct your company meeting, legal discussion, or personal conversation with security and peace of mind.Available direct to you right now at Ankaka's usual rock bottom wholesale prices. Take advantage of Ankaka's drop shipping and no M.O.Q. (no minimum order quantity) service for maximum convenience.

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • Main Functions: Wireless video cam and audio bug detection
    • Detection Frequency
      - Scope of sensitivity range: 1 MHZ-8000 MHZ
      - Primary detection range: 25 MHz-6000 MHz
      - Detecting dynamic range: >70Db
    • Coverage Area: Up to 25 meters
    • Indicate mode: Nine level LED bar graph with increasing optic sound alert
    • Power Source: 9V alkaline battery
    • Typical Battery Life: 120 minutes
    • Dimensions:
      - Antenna off = 125mm x 65mm x 25mm (L x W x D)
      - Antenna on = 280mm x 65mm x 25mm (L x W x D)
    • Working Temperature: -10 ~ +50 deg
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WholesaleGY29NXCQRJVE
    • Catalog Ref: Counter intelligence, Anti-peeping tom device, Corporate security spy camera detector

    Package List

    • Hand held sized - quickly sweep a room for security threats
    • Passive detecting equipment, using wide-band simulation to check
    • Use in meeting rooms, dressing rooms, bathrooms, hotel rooms, or anyplace that requires privacy
    • If you detect an video or transmitting audio tap, you can either disable it or feed it disinformation - the choice is yours!

    Package List

    • Model CVAL-J02 Wireless AV Detector
    • User Instructions - English

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    It is a great deal~~~!!! I could not believe how clear and awesome the video it took, and it also could pick up sound from maybe 40 yards off. My target couldn't escape!!!!

    2010-03-25 18:51:59 Elvis