Wireless Signal Booster and Receiver Kit (300 meter monster)

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  • Item#: WFC-1500-2GEN
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    Wireless Signal Booster and Receiver Kit (300 meter monster)
    Wireless Signal Booster and Receiver Kit (300 meter monster edition). This kit consists of a wireless signal booster to attach to your security or spy camera along with a wireless receiver. Don't become frustrated by the limited range of today's wireless surveillance cameras when a simple solution is right here waiting - the WFC-1500-2GEN!

    This awesome little combo will ensure your video camera transmissions are boosted to there maximum potential - 300 meters! Simple set up and selectable frequencies means that in a short few minutes you can greatly expand your video security capabilities - and all without having to buy a whole new system! Just attach the signal booster to your video camera and place the wireless AV receiver by your separate DVR or video monitor and your are ready for action.

    Buy today at Ankaka's excellent wholesale prices and get sent direct to your door from China with the confidence of a 12 month warranty.

    China Manufacturer Specifications

    • Product Description: Kit consisting of signal booster and receiver - videocamera is not included
    • Wireless Output Frequency: 0.9G/1.2G
    • Frequency Control: Phase Locked Loop (PLL) freq control for ultimate stability
    • Transmission Signal: Video, Audio (video camera needs MIC for audio)
    • Linear Transmission Distance: up to 300 meters (no obstacles)
    • Power: Corded power adapter (100-240V 50/60hz)
    • JMK Wholesale Electronics Ref.: Wholesale9SFRT2ELRPK6
    • Old Product Name: AV Wireless Transmission Combo
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