Wireless RF Detector (TX Frequency: 800-1500MHz and 1800-2500MHz)

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    A wireless radio frequency (RF) detector is a portable device that helps you protect your privacy. Although these devices have are mostly used by the police, the army and government departments, anyone can use them to detect bugs or hidden cameras. This goes a long way into protecting your privacy.

    The portable RF detector is able to detect up to a dynamic range of 70Db and a radius of up to 40m. These capabilities coupled with the detector's high sensitivity let you enjoy your privacy free of cameras and bugs. The wireless RF detector has a hidden camera and a phone signal that ranges between 1800 and 2500MHz.

    With the device's high sensitivity (of about 0.05mw) and wide coverage (of more than 30 meters), you are able to sense any kind of hidden cameras or bugs. With the detector's 9-level LED indication, you know when people are spying on you. To allow portability the RF detector has a 9 volts laminated battery.

    Manufacturer Specifications:

    Indicate mode: 9 levels LED luminescence indication/voicing instruction
    Main TX Frequency : 800-1500mHz,1800-2500MHZ
    Detecting dynamic range:70Db
    Radius range(m):Up to 40 meters
    Available system: wireless hidden camera. Mobile phone signal (between 1800-2500mHz)
    Function : High sensitivity, scope adjustable, large range of detecting frequency
    With high sensitivity and covering more than30M . (Used for Army and police, Government Dept)
    Detecting sensitivity: <=0.05mw
    Dimension: 115x62x24 mm
    Power:  9V laminated battery

    Package List:

    1 X Wireless RF Detector


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