Wireless GSM Alarm Home Security System with PIR Motion Detector (GSM 900/1800/1900)

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    Wireless GSM Alarm Home Security System with PIR Motion Detector (GSM 900/1800/1900)

    Are you afraid of thieves stealing your belongings in your home and other properties? Do you have effective ways to defend against theft? If you need better protection, this GSM Home Security System is the ideal solution. It works 24/7, continuously monitoring your properties day and night.

    The wireless PIR motion detector will cause the siren to make a loud noise when unwelcome thieves come into your home. The loud noise will cause you to notice someone is in your home and also will scare the thief away. Ten seconds after the siren goes off, this security system will automatically record a voice message and send you an alert via voice and SMS.

    The integrated quad-band GSM module in the system supports both voice and SMS alerts. This device supports the 900/1800/1900 bands, meaning it can be used in most of the countries in the world. Up to five phone numbers and seven text messages are supported.  

    This GSM alarm is perfect for the home, office, or any other application because it is based on the wireless GSM network and can alert you by SMS or a voice call. Its innovative and expansive number of functions and features is useful for users who wish to establish voice communication and also record the voices of the thieves. This GSM security system with the PIR motion detector will be sure to meet all your current and future requirements demands.

    1. Wireless PIR motion detector
    2. Supports GSM 900/1800/1900 bands
    3. Sends voice and SMS alerts
    4. Meet ordinary and demanding security needs

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Operating Voltage: DC 12V
    Wireless RS: 315MHz±0.5MHz
    Wireless RF: 315MHz±0.5MHz
    Alarm Current: ≤400mA
    Static Current: ≤20Ma
    Capacity for Wireless Device: 10pcs
    Wire Device: 3pcs
    Working Frequency: 900/1800MHz
    Anti-interference: 1V/m (frequency:20-1000 MHz)
    Alarm Volume: 110dB
    Humidity: ≤90%
    Working Condition: -10°C~40°C

    Package List:
    1 x Wireless GSM Alarm Home Security System with PIR Motion Detector (GSM 900/1800/1900)
    1 x Wireless PIR Detector 
    1 x Siren     
    1 x Wireless Door Sensor  
    1 x Power charger
    2 x Remote Controllers 
    1 x English Manual


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    Hi, We purchased one of your systems to assess and would be interested in re-badging and re-selling the GSM alarm. In addition do you produce a more robust PIR and door contact. In addition could we have costs for wired contacts and pirs. We also have one technical question. We could not talk back to the alarm. Our voices could not be heard. Do we need a sep. monitor? (We could hear the intruder perfectly but they could not hear us) Thanks you. Jon Lucas [ANKAKA REPLIED]If you have large orders, we can customize a more robust PIR for you. This GSM alarm device just supports automatically recording a voice message and can't support to communicate with the unwelcomer.

    2011-09-12 14:16:27 Jon Lucas