Wireless Entry Guardian Video Door Phone (CMOS Sensor) Videophone with Sound

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    Sometimes, it becomes necessary to regulate entry into your home. Traditionally, regulating access to a home or office was a challenge. Today, this is no longer a challenge thanks to the wireless entry guardian video door phone.

    The video door phone has a 3.5" screen that lets you view the visitor's image. This video phone transmits both image and sound from the door to the 3.5" screen inside your office. With the video and sound features, you are able to identify your visitors easily. The videophone receiver is portable. Thanks to the video door phone powerful transmitter, you are able to move with the receiver from one corner of the house (or office) to another. The device's transmitting range is approximately 200 meters. For easier identification of visitors during dark hours, the device has infrared lights.

    The video door phone is easy to set up and use. You do not need the services of a technician to install or use the device. You can do it yourself without any special training.


    3.5 inch screen
    2.4GHz Wireless door entry
    Remarkable videophone with sound
    Easy to install and use
    Portable receiver with powerful transmitter
    Infrared lights for seeing in the dark!
    Wireless transmitting range - approx. 200 meters (ideal conditions)

    Manufacturer Specifications

    Receiver Specifications:
    Primary Function: Home or Office Audio and Video Portable Intercom System
    Screen Size: 3.5 inch TFT 320x240
    Receiving Frequency: 2.4GHz
    Onboard Buttons/Indicators: Unlock Door, View Monitor. Talk Button, MIC, LED Indicator, Mini USB Input, Speaker, Volume -/+, Brightness control -/+, Antenna, Power ON/OFF Switch
    On Screen Indicators: Monitor State, Lock/Unlock, Talk, Take a Picture, Increase Volume, Decrease Volume, View Last Picture, View Next Picture, Signal Bar, Battery Bar
    Power Source: Internal Battery (3.7V 1250 mAh Rechargeable Li-ion)
    Receiver Dimensions: L: 140 x W: 86 x H: 20 (mm)

    Transmitter Specifications:
    Camera Sensor: CMOS
    Light Source: 6 LED lights
    Power Source: AC Adapter (100-240V) 50/60Hz
    Transmitting Frequency: 2.4GHz
    Wireless receiving range: approx. 200 meters (ideal conditions)
    Onboard Buttons/Indicators: Call Button, 6 LED Lights. MIC, Speaker, LED Indicator, Power ON/OFF Switch
    Certification: FCC, CE
    Dimensions: L: 120 x W: 85 x D: 20 (mm)
    Ankaka Wholesale Ref.: Wholesale ENOR3SOD

    Package List:

    1 x Wireless Entry Guardian Video Door Phone (CMOS Sensor) Videophone with Sound
    1 x Remote Control
    2 x AC Adapter
    2 x Rechargeable Batteries
    Mounting Screws
    1 x English User Manual

    Wireless Entry Guardian Video Door Phone (CMOS Sensor) Videophone with Sound

    Wireless Entry Guardian Video Door Phone

    Wireless Entry Guardian Video Door Phone (CMOS Sensor) Videophone with Sound

    3.5 inch TFT 320x240

    Wireless Entry Guardian Video Door Phone (CMOS Sensor) Videophone with Sound

    Portable receiver with powerful transmitter

    Notes from Manufacturer:

    Easy to use and to install!
    Six infrared LED lights of transmitting unit allows you to see in darkness!
    The receiver can be charged through the adapter included or through a USB connection to your PC computer!
    To view captured photos, press and hold down the photo button for 3 seconds, then navigate photos with the arrow keys!

    Notes from ANKAKA:

    Why should I buy the Entry Guardian?
    Peace of mind. You can be anywhere in your home and see who is at the door. This is technology that improves lives.

    Why don't I just install a spy hole on my door instead of using the Entry Guardian?
    Picture this. It's 9:12 am on a cold morning in February. The doorbell rings. You get out from beneath your warm duvet where you were lying next to your even warmer girlfriend. You tiptoe across cold tiles and make your way downstairs, hitting your knees on the coffee table. When you get to the door, you find it's an unkempt and portly gentlemen in soiled clothing trying to sell you a magazine subscription. Why live like this?!!!!


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