Wholesale Hand Held Metal Detector - Extra Sensitive Setting - Reliable, high quality & durable

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    Wholesale Hand Held Metal Detector - Extra Sensitive Setting - Reliable, high quality and durable
    Wholesale priced Handheld Metal Detector with very sensitive metal detecting ability. It is so sensitive that a small penknife can be detected at 6 inches, and even a 25 cent piece will be picked up at 45mm. You can select different metal indication modes, or set the Metal Detector to low sensitivity to better screen dangerous metal objects.

    This item provides reliable detection for security purposes. This portable professional metal detector can be used in a variety of scenarios, from airport security to night clubs and bars. This is a powerful handheld portable metal detector that is available commercially for the average user. Cut down knife related incidents in your entertainment establishment/business and deter away those who seek to ruin everyone' enjoyment and fun. This metal detector will provide you with peace of mind. So now you can get back to enjoying running your club or bar without the worry of constantly looking out for people that are up to no good.

    If you are in need of screening for weapons, or sell to those that do, this no M.O.Q. (minimum order quantity) Metal Scanner is a great way to be safe and not spend a fortune doing so.

    The CVETM-PRSCAN is in stock now. So get one today for personal/company use, resale market, online or physical store or your Ebay shop. This item is available to you at factory direct price from the leader in wholesale electronics, Ankaka.

    • Reliable, high quality and durable
    • Perfect for entertainment businesses
    • Metal detector with extreme sensitivity for best detection

    China Manufacturer Specifications

    • Product Description: Metal Detector
    • Detection Indicator:
      - Visual = Red/Green LED
      - Sound + Vibration
    • Control:
      - On/Off
      - Low/Normal Sensitivity
    • Operating Frequency: 93KHz
    • Power Source: 1x 9V Battery (not included)
    • Dimensions: 420mm x 85mm x 42mm (L x W x D)
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: Wholesale C9H446FXYVJ5

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • IP 54 rated - Good for use outdoors or indoors.
    • High or Low Sensitivity Settings: A pen knife will be detected at 4 Inches at low, and 6 Inches at High
    • Very High Detection Ability: Detection of USD 25 cent piece at 45mm away

    Package List

    • Model CVETM-PRSCAN
    • Hand strap
    • Users manual

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    dear sir kindly quate me minimum prces,qty for demo. Its very urgent. [ANKAKA REPLIED] As for the product price, we are offering the best price possible as a wholesaler. If you find any online store is offering a better price, please let us know. We would be happy to price match for you.

    2014-03-01 05:08:08 sadgurusafety industries

    Dear Sir, I need only one pc. Can you send me the same ? & what will be the cost to deliver at Belgaum,Karnataka,India.And what is the gurantee / Warantee of the product? Please confirm. Satish. [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email sale@ankaka.com with your inquiry.

    2014-01-07 07:08:52 Satish

    Dear Sir, I have requirement for 25 pieces can you tell the final price call on 9822387716 Shekhar Dhume [ANKAKA REPLY]CVETM-PRSCAN costs $10.61/pc for 25 pieces.

    2013-11-07 01:55:53 Shekhar Dhume

    Would like a break of the whole cost, if i order 25 pieces and it to be dilvered to Sydney. how long would it take for delivery. [ANKAKA REPLIED]It will take 3-4 days via express.

    2013-05-07 03:16:56 James Brewster