Waterproof Mini GPS Tracker Vehicle Tracker - Built-in GSM

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    Vehicle tracker is the need of the hour for having better control on things. The vehicle normally is used in all kinds of terrains. So, it is important that it is portable and waterproof. Here is a GPS based vehicle tracker which meets all your needs. The waterproof mini GPS tracker which is built on GSM technology is handy, useful and easy to use for vehicle tracking purpose.
    You can operate your mini GPS with any wireless network. The GPS chipset used in it are of very high sensitivity. The GPS is intelligently acivated to give clear positioning and it starts working automatically after electrifying. This is a multi purpose tracker and can be accessed via mobile phone or computer. It has a built in monitoring CPU which completely eliminated automatic breakdown.
    This instrument is easy to install, open and there are several alternatives for installing it. You can get all the local information by SMS and best of all, it has wide voltage input range. It has power and SOS function buttons and an antenna with low noise and high gain. There are 20 GPS channels and has tracking sensitivity of -159dBM and uses voltage of 9-24V DC.


    To operate with GPS/GSM/GPRS wireless network
    GPS chipset with high sensitivity
    Intelligent activation of GPS positioning
    To start working actomatically after electrifying
    Can access through mobile phones, computer,etc
    Built-in ON/OFF power, wide voltage input range
    Built-in monitoring CPU, eliminating breakdown automatically
    Commands and location information received by SMS
    Easy to install,open or hidden installment alternatives
    Two Power input approaches: car-specific joint or car battery

    Manufacturer Specifications: 

    GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz Quad band
    GPRS: Class2, TCP/IP built-in GSM module
    GPS Module: SIRF Star III/LP
    GPS Channels: 20
    Tracking Sensitivity: -159dBM
    Acqusition Sensitivity: -144DBM
    GPS Precision: 10m(2D RM)
    Working Voltage: 9-24V DC
    Working current: ≈22mA (12vDC)
    Working current: ≈12mA (24vDC)
    Locating Time Cost:
    Hot start: <2secs(Open sky)
    Warm Start: <32sec
    Cold Start: <38sec(Open Sky)
    Working temperature: -20℃~+70℃
    Working humidity: 20%~80%RH
    Antenna: Built-in GSM,GPS antenna with low noise and high gain
    Function Buttons: Power,SOS
    Dimensions: 87*43*14mm
    Ankaka Wholesale Ref.: FSJKGJIOGOI

    Notes from Manufacturer:

    This model is compatible with most brands of GPS software - however hardware specific software such as Garmin may not run on this unit. As the wholesaler, Ankaka provides the GPS- enabled hardware only, not the software. Ankaka provides no warranty or customer support regarding GPS software. Ankaka cannot provide downloads / links / advice regarding GPS software. Any software installation you undertake should be performed or supervised by a professional.

    Package List:

    1 x Waterproof Mini GPS Tracker
    1 x Power Cable
    4 x Screwsand Screw Covers
    1 x User Manual

    To operate with GPS/GSM/GPRS wireless network

    To operate with GPS/GSM/GPRS wireless network

    GPS chipset with high sensitivity

    GPS chipset with high sensitivity

    Built-in monitoring CPU, eliminating breakdown automatically

    Built-in monitoring CPU, eliminating breakdown automatically


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    hi, this is jagan from india and i am interested in this gps tracker, i need this item for reselling in india. i need a online demo if possible and price list for tr 02. and platform used. i need to know whether i should hold the IE code for import this product. regards M.JAGAN 9943816246 [ANKAKA REPLIED] Hi, you can order one as sample from our website directly. Or email us to sale@ankaka.com and include the order number with your inquiry.

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