Waterproof LED Strip Light - Flexible Warm White Light Ribbon - Energy Saving

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    Waterproof LED Strip Light - Flexible Warm White Light Ribbon - Flexible LED strip light

    Warm white colored LED strip light. This Waterproof LED Strip Light is as indoor and outdoor use lighting product that is extremely flexible and can be used as decorative lighting for trees or landscaping as well as permanently mounted on structures such as walls and coves.

    Designed for quick and easy installation, this 5 meter long LED strip light (also called light ribbon or flat rope light) can be used for architectural lighting, display and window lighting, sign lighting, concealed cove lighting, and many other applications. The LED strip light is flexible enough to be made into many shapes and is easily mounted onto most indoor or outdoor surfaces. The LED Strip Light is a low voltage product, making it safe for use in home installations as well as for business

    Installation is very quick and simple, you can wrap the strip around your landscape plants, or use clear silicone gel / two sided tape / u-shaped style staples to attach it to any flat surface. No special tools or wiring is required to install this lighting product.

    Make your indoor and outdoor spaces shine bright this year with some energy efficient LED lights. This LED Strip Light is in stock right now, so order yours to start enjoying the benefits of affordable architectural lighting!

    • Flexible LED strip light
    • Waterproof
    • Can be used indoors or outdoors
    • Warm white color lighting
    • Easy installation
    • Low voltage, energy efficient

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • Main Function: LED Flexistrip Lighting
    • Primary Materials: UV protected transparent shell, LED's
    • LED Light Color: Warm White
    • Power Consumption: 15W (3 watts per meter)
    • Lamp Life: 50,000+ Hours
    • LED Quantity: 300
    • LED Spacing: approx 16.5mm on center
    • Distribution Type: 180 degrees (nominal 130 deg beam angle)
    • Waterproof: IP 65 Rating
    • Temperature Rating: -10 - +60 C
    • Input Voltage: 100-240V
    • Running Power: DC 12V via included power supply
    • Dimensions: 5 meters long x 10mm wide x 4mm tall
    • Certification: CE, CCC, RoHS, UKAS
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WholesaleE78E59FD66D2

    Typical Applications

    • Applications that are popular for this type of low voltage lighting include areas where weatherproof and flexible lighting is needed. Typical uses for rope lights include;
      - Architectural lighting
      - Backlight for signage letters
      - Archway, gate and canopy illumination
      - Auditorium walkway lighting
      - Stairway accent lighting
      - Cove lighting
      - Outlining windows
      - Decorating trees, bushes, and landscape plants
      - Display highlighting
      - Building outlines
      - Amusement park and theater mood lighting
      - Shop facade and sign decoration

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Note that when using this outdoors, while the rope light itself is waterproof, the power supply IS NOT. The power adapter MUST BE KEPT DRY AT ALL TIMES.
    • Long Lifespan (50,000+ hours)
    • No Maintenance Needed
    • Cool and Easy to Handle (Child-Safe)
    • Energy Efficient

    Package List

    • Model CVKV-G118 LED String Light
    • Power Adapter (100-240V)

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • Can I use this on my palm tree?
      Yes. It can be used on any any tree. This 5 meter length can highlight many small to medium sized trees.
    • Can I use this in my home?
      Certainly! If you want to use it as a mood light in your bar or game room, go ahead and enjoy it!
    • How do I install this product?
      It is simple to install, U-shaped construction staples/clips can be used as well as CAT5 style cable mounting clips. Caulk or clear silicone gel is also popular for installing flat string light. Tape, especially the double-sided type, also works well for indoor installations.

    Reseller / Dropshipper Notes

    • Dropshippers - Our current LED lighting products has continued to be popular since we introduced them last year. This is a product that will net you some steady sales from people looking to embrace LED technology.
    • Our Retail Partners - save on your overall product cost by ordering this in at least 4 pieces in order to receive the absolute best value for your money; better price + better per unit shipping cost = better savings for you!

    • Catalog Ref: LED rope light, string light, ribbon light

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