Waterproof LED Color Light Bulb with Wireless Remote Control

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    Waterproof LED Color Light Bulb with Wireless Remote - Waterproof (IP66)
    Waterproof LED Color Changing Light Bulb with Wireless Remote - beautiful, safe, efficient.

    LED lights have now become the ideal choice for accent lighting due to being highly energy efficient and maintenance free. This new waterproof version brings with it a wide array of color that spreads out to light up every corner of a space and is perfect for creating a completely different ambiance and feeling for homes, hotels, museums, pool decks, waterfalls, and anywhere else you want. Forget those tedious hours of soldering resistors, all you have to do is connect this LED light bulb to your standard light bulb socket to instantly modify your decor. It can't be easier! So where are some places I can I use this?;

    Bars/Restaurants/Cafes:Set the LED light bulb to white during day and watch your establishment come alive at night. The 4 different modes allows you to instantly change the style and feeling to fit any event: Strobe mode allows you to set the mood for the more festive occasions, while fade is better for the more romantic ones.

    Waterfalls/Swimming Pools:Place this LED light bulb near your pool or sauna for years of maintenance-free color lighting. Along with 16 different colors, it's all you need to turn an ordinary backyard swimming pool into one of the Wonders of the World.

    Outdoors:Great when you want to spice up your garden and front yard or just give your flowers some much needed red light. Glamorous and durable, mother nature has nothing on this LED light bulb. Also feel free to place a few on your door to welcome visitors with an amazing display of color.

    Home:Replace your inefficient and easily broken incandescent light bulb with this powerful and durable LED light bulb, which will practically pay for itself due to the amount you save on maintenance and electric bills. This highly convenient and versatile Waterproof LED Color Changing Light Bulb with Wireless Remote was designed to provide multiple options for your lighting needs at a low factory-direct price. In stock and available for bulk quantity orders now, get yours today and add color to your life.


    • Waterproof (IP66)
    • For use indoors or outdoors!
    • Control multiple LED lights with 1 wireless remote
    • 50,000 hour bulb life
    • 16 different colors (including white) along with flash, strobe, fade, and smooth modes
    • Fits in a standard incandescent socket

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • Primary function: Waterproof RGB colored LED light bulb for producing colored or white light from an incandescent lamp socket
    • Waterproof: IP66
    • Brightness: 130 lumens
    • Typical Bulb Life: 50,000 Hours
    • Control Type: IR Remote Controller
    • Control Distance: Up to 10 Meters
    • Remote Control Functions:
      - ON / OFF
      - Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth
      - Dimming
      - Fixed color (16 to choose from)
    • Base Type: E27 medium base (standard incandescent socket)
    • Power: 3 Watts
    • Input Voltage: AC100-240V, input frequency: 50-60 Hz
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WholesaleBPIE0OU8BL84

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • The bulb is 100% waterproof, but customers should install it into a standard waterproof incandescent screw base
    • Low power consumption and low heat consumption
    • High efficiency heat sink
    • High insulate characteristic - safe
    • High luminous flux output for bright illumination
    • Wide lighting range
    • Resistant to shock & vibration
    • Wide operating temperature range
    • Fits any standard incandescent socket

    Package List

    • Waterproof LED Color Changing Light Bulb
    • Wireless Remote Control

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • Can I use one remote to control all the LED light bulbs?
      Yep. Also, the remote is extremely accurate, so you have the ability to target a single bulb when multiple are next to each other.
    • Can I use this in my desk lamp?
      Yes. It can be used in any lighting fixture with a standard screw base, including a desktop lamp.
    • How is this different from other LED color changing bulbs?
      This new version is waterproof and improved all around - take a look at the Notes from Manufacturers! The best part, however, is that you'll be getting this at a low factory-direct price!

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    hi I like to know if this light can be used as a spotlight if not do you have any LEd changing color spotlight thank you[ANKAKA REPLIED]Please kindly notice that this one cannot be used as a spotlight. The one in the following link can be used as a spotlight: http://www.ankaka.com/15W-LED-Light--Warm-White-Spot-Light-Bulb----15-LED-Lights_p46486.html

    2012-10-20 18:29:40 Robert

    how much is shipping to hawaii? do these lights work with 220 voltage as well as 110 voltage? does each light come with a remote control? [ANKAKA REPLIED]How To Calculate Shipping Costs Of This Product 1.Go to: http://www.ankaka.com/waterproof-led-color-light-bulb-with-wireless-remote-control_p266.html 2.Click "Add to Cart" You will then be taken to the Shopping Cart page. 3.Scroll down to Estimate Shipping Costs. 4.Select your country in the drop-down menu. 5.Your estimated shipping cost will be displayed. The Input Voltage is AC100-240V. Every led bulb comes with a remote control.

    2011-07-24 17:40:15 julian

    HELLO! my name is July interests a quote to me of 12 (Waterproof LED Color Light Bulb with Wireless Remote Control) but i need to know if they have shipment to me to they michoacan Mexico. Or some branch in Mexico where this product can adquirrir. If they send who quoted to me please. by its attention thousand thanks. Hi, July, we can ship to mexico. Please contact our sales rep for more information. Thanks.

    2010-07-15 18:29:58 Julio César Chávez