Waterproof CREE Q5 WC LED Flashlight with Reflector

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    Waterproof CREE LED Flashlight with Long Throw Reflector

    • 50,000 hour LED life
    • Amazingly bright 260 lumens output
    • Comes with 18650 battery and charger
    • 3 Light levels and 2 strobe settings
    • Heat sink cools LED up to 30% more
    • Longest light throw in 36mm EDC class
    • Uses CREE Q5 WC high efficiency LED
    • Corrosion resistant type III anodized aluminum
    • Modular design to easily replace or upgrade parts
    • Impact-resistant, shockproof, waterproof, weatherproof
    • Uses "Super Reflector" for 20% improved light gathering
    • Can last up to 24 hours on single charge on "low" setting
    • Can last up to 110 minutes on single charge on "high" setting
    • Direct from the factory wholesale price makes it profitable for resale

    Important Note: Looking directly into the LED will cause permanent eye damage. Do NOT leave this product where children can get a hold of it. Ankaka is not responsible for any personal injury caused by misuse of this high powered CREE LED torchlight.

    Military Grade CREE LED torchlight.

    This CREE LED torchlight is not a toy. It's for people who are serious about lighting performance and extreme durability. It features the latest CREE Q5 WC high efficiency LED to produce an amazingly bright 260 lumens of light. This makes it easy to clearly illuminate an entire 50 square meter room during a total blackout-- or even light your way through a pitch dark forest when camping or exploring the wilderness at night. The body of this torchlight is forged from type III hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum which provides exceptional durability even in the most demanding environments. If you're looking for the brightest, strongest, and most advanced 36mm torchlight available-- then continue reading to learn more ...

    Super Long Light Throw Distance
    The G260 was specifically designed to achieve the longest light throw distance of any flashlight in its class. Similar sized flashlights can not compete. That's because the G260 uses a revolutionary "Super Reflector" which exceeds the light gathering limits of previous EDC (Every Day Carry) LED flashlights. The result is 20% more light gathering capability while maintaining a 36mm diameter reflector size-- making this powerful flashlight easy to carry and store no matter where you go. The "Super reflector" also features a heat sink which keeps the light 30% cooler than similar LED flashlights. This allows for continuous high output use without overheating or degrading the performance of the LED.

    Extremely Efficient Design
    The back of this device features a click button which allows you to select from 5 different light settings. There's a low, medium, and high output setting- as well as a fast and slow "flash" setting for signaling to others in case of an emergency. You can use the G260 CREE LED flashlight for up to 110 minutes on the maximum setting or switch the light setting to "low" and you can use this LED flashlight for up to an amazing 24 hours! The best part is that the CREE LED itself was designed to last up to an incredible 50,000 hours of use. That's over 5 years of nonstop use! A more practical example would be an entire lifetime worth of casual everyday use.

    The Small Details That Count
    Unscrew the front or end piece and feel how smooth the two parts slide across the threads, hold it in your hand and feel the lightweight yet hard anodized aluminum casing, click the texturized rubber button a few times and notice how nice it feels when switching between settings. The detailed craftsmanship and build quality of this LED torchlight is simply amazing. And the best part is that you can own this cutting edge technology at a direct-from-the-factory wholesale price that most people can afford. Order yours now while supplies last and we will send out your new G260 LED flashlight within 24 hours and will even guarantee your product free from defect for 12 months. The G260 is currently in stock and available for single piece or bulk discount orders.


    • Main Function: New 2010 LED Flashlight
    • CREE LED Emitter Type: Q5 WC
    • Lumens: 260
    • LED Rated Life: 50,000 hours
    • Body Color: Black
    • Form Factor: Handheld torch style with tail click power button and knurled grip
    • - Lighting Functions:
      - Low
      - Medium
      - High
      - Strobe (fast flash)
      - Beacon S.O.S. (slow flash)
    • Power Source: 1 x 18650 type rechargeable battery (included)
    • Dimensions: 162 mm Long x 36 mm diameter
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WHOLESALEXR10SSR8OPM8

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Waterproof to IPX - 6 standard
    • OEM version of the popular Raidfire Spear CREE LED flashlight

    Resellers Notes

    • Great News: Comes with free rechargeable 18650 battery and charger!
    • Excellent Resale Item: Our price on CREE LED torchlights is much lower than anywhere else on the internet!

    Package List for ANY - G260

    • CREE LED Flashlight
    • 1 x 18650 Rechargeable Battery
    • Battery Charger
    • Lanyard

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • Are these like MagLite flashlight torches?
      These are better since they cost a fraction of what a comparable MagLite torch would cost and are just as good in terms of performance and reliability. This CREE LED torchlight also comes with Ankaka's famous hassle - free 12 month warranty!
    • What's the difference between a flashlight and torchlight? Basically in America they say flashlight, and in the UK, they call it a torch light.

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      - Orders processed and shipped within 24 - hours
      - 12 month warranty
      - In - house QC
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    • Product Category:
      - Main = Security Equipment
      - Subcat = LED Flashlights
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