Video Glasses with 50 Inch Virtual Display - AV function, Video Games

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    There is indeed no age for gaming. And for those video game addicts, video glasses with a fifty inch virtual display is definitely a thing to own. The grey and black sleek exterior is both modern and sophisticated, a sure stand out! It has a 50 inch virtual display and built-in double audio stereo speakers. So, the amazing video display and the surround sound ads on to the excitement gaming. The 50 inch virtual display gives an astounding resolution of 230 pixels and a 26 degree diagonal viewing angle. The setup is simple with no added requirement for software installation. Play games connected with Wii, Game cube, Xbox360 and PS3.But it doesn't stop there, you can also watch TV with TV tuners, watch movies with portable DVD players, iPod video and PMP. The kit contains a game and video glasses, a earphone, eye patch, two AV cables, adapter and other basic accessories.
    For true movie watching and video gaming experiences grab this multifunctional video glasses and take the plunge to the virtual world, for real!
    Manufacturer Specification
    Main Features

    50 inch virtual display
    Built-in speakers
    Easy swivel up/down design
    Works with all AV out sources: Watch movies with home DVD players, car DVD players, portable DVD players, Ipod Video, PMP
    Play games connected with PS3, Xbox360, Wii, Game Cube, etc.
    Watch TV connected with TV tuners

    ScreenLCOS-Display panel, on eye/head-mounted display
    Display size

    wide screen 50-inch virtual screen


    Resolutions230.000 pixels (VGA)
    Viewing angleLanguage26-degree diagonal
    Input signalNTSC/PAL color video signal
    Video inputNTSC/PAL and SECAM pal (auto), 1Vpp/75O
    Sound functionBuilt-in double audio stereo speakers
    AC Power Supply100V~220V/50Hz
    Power adapterOutput DC 9V stable voltage
    Package List

    1 x Game and Video Glasses
    1 x Eyepatch
    1 x Earphone
    1 x Xbox AV Cable
    1 x PS2/PS3 AV Cable
    1 x Power Connection Cable
    1 x Adapter
    1 x Signal Cable (Video)
    1 x Power Adapter
    1 x Signal Cable (AV)
    1 x User Manual
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    50 inch virtual display

    50 inch virtual display

    Works with all AV out sources

    Works with all AV out sources

    Easy swivel up/down design

    Easy swivel up/down design


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