UV Light Disinfection Sterilization Toothbrush Holder

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    UV Light Disinfection Sterilization Toothbrush Holder

    Would you like to own a toothbrush that is free of viruses, germs and bacteria?  Try this UV Light Disinfection Sterilization Toothbrush Holder; you do not have to worry about those invisible, harmful micro-organisms anymore! Because it can kill 99.9 percent of the toothbrush bacterial and viruses, allow you to avoid the trouble of oral diseases and provide you a healthy and clean toothbrush!

    This holder is easy to use.  Just gently closed the lid, with its special UV light and electronic design, it would work immediately and only takes 5 minutes of sterilizing time! Furthermore, it is portable, power saver and practical, ideal for home use and traveling, makes it even easy when you are sleeping over at your friend’s place, then you don’t have to worry about finding a toothbrush holder anymore.  Besides, mentally you know that you are using this anti-bacterial product, you would show brighter smiles.  Why not give it a try since is such a handy product with affordable price?  Order it from Ankaka now! (Please note -- this holder fits toothbrush with length less than 19cm long)

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Color: White
    Materials: ABS + PC
    Bacterial Effect: 99.9%
    Powered: 2 x AAA Batteries (not included)
    Size: 20.5cm x 5cm x 2.3cm

    Package List:
    1 x UV Light Disinfection Sterilization Toothbrush Holder


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