USB Internet Radio & TV Player

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    USB Internet Radio & TV Player

    Ever wanted to watch TV or listen to the radio, but all you had with you is a computer? Then the USB Internet Radio & TV Player is just what you've been waiting for. With its quick plug-and-play interface, you watch the latest newscast or listen to your favorite talk radio station within seconds of plugging it in!

    Featuring a user-friendly and attractive interface available in 12 different languages, the USB Internet Radio & TV Player will make it easy when it comes to deciding between having a cable TV bill and an internet bill!


    •  Collection of Favorites and station History.
    • Web 2.0 Dynamic voting system; recommend best station all up to you.
    • Automatically updates program & new stations onsite
    • Supports 12 languages user interface
    • Record music in WMA format to your hard drive.

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • Internet access required.
    • Radio : DSL 1Mbps or above recommended
    • T V: DSL 2Mbps or above recommended
    • USB 2.0
    • Operating System: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista / Windows 7
    • Browser: IE6 or above
    • Windows Media Player Version 9 or above.

    Package List

    •  1x USB Internet Radio & TV Player


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    does this count towards your internet upload and download [ANKAKA REPLIED]This device needs to be connected to internet to support its function. And it doesn't support to upload or download videos.

    2011-09-25 06:43:46 GHENT