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Ultra-Slim Smart Cover for iPad 2

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  • Item#: A10527
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    Ultra-Slim Smart Cover for iPad 2


    This durable cover will not only fit your iPad 2 perfectly, but it also will make your iPad 2 more enjoyable to use. Its design allows the iPad 2 to lie directly on the desk or easily stand horizontally and vertically. Thus, this cover acts as a cradle for your iPad 2. Now you can watch movies or read the news at a 180° angle.

    This cover is a magical smart cover because the built-in magnet and sensor gives you additional control over your iPad 2. When the magnet and sensor are placed together, the iPad will lock itself. But when they are apart, the iPad will wake up automatically.

    This ultra-slim cover is made of soft microfiber in vibrant polyurethane colors, protecting your iPad from dirt and shock. Don't hesitate today; buy this stylish magical smart cover, the ideal accessory for your iPad!

    1. Stands horizontally and vertically
    2. Locks and wakes up iPad automatically
    3. Stylish and durable microfiber design

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Size Approx: 24 x 19.5 x 0.5 cm

    Package List:
    1 X Ultra-slim Smart Cover for iPad 2


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