Ultra Portable Bluetooth Folding QWERTY Keyboard for iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, Android Smartphones etc.

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    Ultra Portable Bluetooth Folding QWERTY Keyboard for iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, Android Smartphones etc.


    Do you find using the keyboard on your Android tablet or mobile phone difficult to use. Then use this Bluetooth Folding Keyboard – it will solve all your problems. This keyboard folds away making it easy to take with you wherever you go.  When it is folded up it is safe from knocks and bangs and will fit into whatever bag you carry your device around in.  The Bluetooth Folding Keyboard works with the iPad 1 and 2 and with all other similar devices.

    The Bluetooth Folding Keyboard gives you a conventional keyboard feel but all the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity.  The layout is exactly the same as your conventional keyboard and, unlike some other keyboards, includes a Function key to give you the full range of choices as a normal keyboard.

    With Bluetooth 2 compatibility the Bluetooth Folding Keyboard is able to connect to iPads, iPhones, Nokia Symbian S60 and Android 2.3 phones, and any Bluetooth enabled computer hardware (which is most mobile equipment these days).

    It is easy to setup the keyboard to connect to your device once you have enabled Bluetooth on your device and set it to search for other Bluetooth devices.  You will up and running in no time – typing, texting, chatting, playing games and browsing on the internet.

    This keyboard brings a whole new level of connectivity and ease of use to your mobile phone or tablet computer. It is available at the very best price from your market leader in selling electrical goods online, Ankaka.

    1. Bluetooth folding keyboard
    2. Full QWERTY keyboard
    3. Super easy to use and setup
    4. Ideal for writing emails, texting or gaming
    5. Ultra portable

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Main function: Bluetooth folding keyboard
    Style: QWERTY keyboard
    Bluetooth version: 2.0
    Smart mobile system supported: iPhone OS 4.0+ (iPhone, iPad), Nokia Symbian S60 and above, Android 2.3
    Maximum distance: up to 10 meters when unobstructed
    Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32-bit)
    Suitable for PC and laptop with Bluetooth function: yes
    Port: mini USB for charging
    Power source: built-in rechargeable li-ion battery
    Battery capacity: 350mAh
    Working time: about 200 hours
    Color: black
    Dimensions: 350 x 130 (mm)

    Package List:
    1 X Bluetooth folding QWERTY keyboard
    1 X USB cable
    1 X English user manual


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    Is the Android HTC Incredible S and or Android Samsung Galaxy beam compatable with this keyboard? [ANKAKA REPLIED] This product is compatible with tablets and mobile phones with bluetooth.

    2012-09-13 23:57:49 Annika Kossen

    Before making a decision whether to buy this keyboard or not I need to know: (1) its weight (2) its dimensions when folded up [ANKAKA REPLIED] (1). 0.8kg (2). *Size (folded): 91x130x20mm. *Size (unfolded): 350x130x10mm.

    2012-05-04 18:47:28 craig

    Is this keyboard compatible with the 3rd generation iPad? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Glad to let you know that this keyboard is compatible with 3rd generation iPad.

    2012-04-23 12:32:38 Elizabeth Oliver

    Hi, I am interested in your ultra portable folding bluetooth QWERTY keyboard. I would like to know what the actual brand and model is so I can read online reviews. It looks like a great keyboard but I don't want to buy it without reading what others say so please tell me the manufacturer and the model number. Thanks, Dennis [ANKAKA REPLIED]Sorry to let you know that we could not disclose manufacturer info according to our policy. We confirm you that this keyboard has a good quality. If it has any quality problem, you can contact us for refund or replacement. Thanks.

    2012-04-16 10:42:36 Dennis Metzler

    Hello. I am interested in purchasing the keyboard, but I had some bad experiences with others who sent products that did not work with the bluetooth. Do you have a dealer or a customer in the US that has your keyboard and can confirm it is compatible with the bluetooth equipment in the US? Also, how long does it take to arrive in the US. [ANKAKA REPLIED]We have sold many of this keyboard to USA before. And we confirm with our supplier again, this keyboard is compatible with bluetooth 2.0. There is no geographical restrictions. We offer 2 shipping ways: airmail and express. Express usually takes 3-4 days to USA while airmail takes 2-4 weeks. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2012-04-13 02:08:22 Jim