Treasure Hunter - Standard & Precious Metal Detector + LED flashlight

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    Treasure Hunter - Metal Detector for Standard + Precious Metal

    • All Purpose Metal Detector for hunting for Standard/Precious Metals
    • 4 Inch Large backlit LCD Display
    • Distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous metal
    • Built-in LED flashlight
    • Easy calibration to suit local conditions
    • Suitable for wide range of applications

    Treasure Hunter - Metal Detector for Standard/Precious Metals. This high performance metal detector with active display screen and advanced sensitivity calibration function is perfect for anything from gold/relic hunting to pre-game field safety screening.

    Designed for extreme ground conditions from saltwater beaches to highly mineralized inland sites, this metal detector can easily distinguish between ferrous metal (iron) and non-ferrous metal (gold, silver, bronze, etc). The large size LCD screen can help calibrate its sensitivity to suit local conditions. It even comes with a built-in LED flashlight for around-the-clock hunting and searching.

    While the Treasure Hunter Metal Detector is perfectly suitable for any security professionals or even military experts, its intuitive control and ease of use also make it great in the hands of everyday civilians for their hobby activities such as:
    - Coin Shooting
    - Gold / Silver Prospecting
    - Relic Hunting
    - Tresuare/valuable item hunting
    - Beach hunting

    You will have fun with the Treasure Hunter Metal Detector from your first time out. Coins, rings, jewelleries, small antiques are all waiting to be found in your own backyard, public beaches, common walk trails and many other places. An individual prospector in southern Californina desert found a 156 ounce gold nugget using an ordinary metal detector, so get one right now before someones else pick up that precious item with their own metal detector.

    The effective performances and light weight of this all purpose metal detector make it suitable for a wider range of conditions and applications. So why pay two or three hundred dollars or more for those "famous" brands when you can get exactly the same performance for less than half of their price. This fun and easy to use tracker is in stock right now and only available from the original China electronics wholesaler - Ankaka.


    • Primary Function: Metal Detector
    • Package Size: 33x17x39cm
    • LCD Screen Size: 4 Inch
    • Screen Display: Sensitivity, Battery Level, Ferrous Metal, Non - ferrous Metal
    • Ground Balance: Auto / Manual
    • Search Mode: Scan / Metal Type
    • Max Search Depth: 1.5 M
    • Vibration Frequency: 4.19 MHz
    • Signal Frequency: 465 kHz
    • Audio Frequency: 450 kHz
    • Power Consumption: 0.5 W
    • Automatic Power Down: Yes
    • Low Battery Indication: Yes
    • Backlight Screen: Yes
    • Working Temperature: 10 Celsius - 60 Celsius
    • Power Supply: DC 9V (6 x 1.5V AA Batteries)
    • Battery Life: up to 4 hours
    • Length: 1.1 m
    • Detector Size: 30 cm (diameter)
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WHOLESALEZCQFFYTSDEAL

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Works on sand beach, backyard garden, abandoned sites, wild forest, etc
    • Use auto balance and re - calibration function to minimize Mineralization to acheive the best use experiences
    • Can distinguish between ferrous (iron) and non - ferrous metal (gold, silver, copper)

    Package List for AHM - J47

    • Control Unit
    • Search Coil
    • Stem Assembly
    • Assembly Accessories
    • Earphone
    • Manual

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • I have never used a metal detector before, can I use the All Purpose Metal Detector?
      Yes, no problem. The All Purpose Metal Detector is very easy to operate. Just take your time to calibrate the sensitivity to suit your local conditions. Have fun.
    • Is this metal detector same as metal detectors from Bounty Hunter/Garrett/Fisher/Minelab/etc?
      Yes, but it is available to you at a fraction of their price.
    • What is ferrous metal?
      In general, ferrous metal is any metal or alloy containing iron.

    • Ordering from Ankaka provides you with the following benefits:
      - Orders processed and shipped within 24 - hours
      - 12 month warranty
      - In - house QC
      - Member discounts
      - Award winning customer support
      - Quantity order discounts
      - Worldwide Shipping
    • Product Category: Electronic Gadgets
      - Main = Cool Gadgets
      - Subcat = Metal Detector
      - Group = All Purpose Metal Detector

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