The Best Night Vision Camera Module: 1080P, Wifi, Realtime Remote Watch from Cell Phone,H.264 DVR

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    The Best Night Vision Camera Module: 1080P, Wifi, Realtime Remote Watch from Cell Phone,H.264 DVR

    By 2016-9, this is the best night vision camera module.
    Supplied in 4 parts - Day/Night Camera including 4x Super bright infra red LEDs, WiFi DVR module, Battery and WiFi aerial each sealed and protected in a strong rubber sleeving. The 5MP camera is only 1cm x 1cm x 1cm with a strong flexible cloth ribbon cable connecting to the main module and is not removable. The main module is 10cm x 2cm x 1cm and connects to any WiFi enabled device using point 2 point (P2P) and/or local WiFi networks. It includes a built in full HD DVR that supports up to 64GB memory to record and store more than 18hrs of video. Powered by a high powered slim line 15cm x 3cm x 0.5cm 2700mAh LiPo battery lasting up to 12 hours in constant use and operates 24/7 from mains adapter/charger. The all-important high gain aerial for long range (up to 50 metre's line of sight) with a 20cm cable for easy positioning completes this package
    You need to download the app, insert memory card, connect to charger before you do anything, so read manual first, it helps. Once the Wifi is connected to your phone wifi you can view it using P2P and is strictly connected to your device only up to a range of 50 metres. The next step is to set it up on WiFi home/office/LAN networks and this was fairly straightforward but again one mistake and you’re starting over. Once connected to network you can disconnect your phone/tablet from the item Wifi and now connect to the camera via your normal connection. You must restart the app so it can reconnect via the network and you’re ready to operate/watch the camera from anywhere. The app has everything you'll ever need with GMT time/date stamp, alarm options, video settings, recording, pictures, brightness, contrast, digital zoom and plenty more.

    The best Night vision camera that can see in complete darkness
    Flexible, Rugged 4 piece DIY module kit
    Large battery capacity and mains operated
    With hidden video function
    Point-to-point connection (P2P) works without a network connection
    WiFi enabled for global network connection

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Memory: support up 64G TF Card, not included: 
    Pixel 5 megapixel CMOS
    4x built in Infra Red Night Vision LEDs
    Resolution 1080P/720P/480P Selectable
    Frames 25-30 per second
    View angle 90°
    Video format AVI
    Distance of motion detection shooting 3-6m straight-line distance 
    Minimum illumination 0.01 LUX Low light capability
    Battery capacity 2700MA
    Continuous shooting time Above 4 hours 
    Compressed format H.264
    Sound recording range 5㎡
    Power consumption 260MA/3.7V
    Storage temperature -20-80℃
    Operating temperature -10-60℃
    Operating humidity 15-85%RH
    Supports memory Class10 8GB-64GB TF card 
    Maximum capacity of memory card 64GB included
    Play software VLCPlayer / SMPlayer
    Computer operation system Windows/Mac OS X
    Mobile phone operation system Android / iOS
    Web browser IE7 and above (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.)

    Package List:
    1x Camera (Memory Card not included)
    1x Battery
    1x USB Cable
    1 x Installation CD
    1 x English User Manual


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    This is the best night vision camera modulei ever had it.i am using it with direct connect to chrger and its still working from 2 months.

    2017-03-23 06:36:21 Mansoor Mukadam