Tablet holder - Leather case with USB mini Keyboard for 7 inch Tablet PC

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    Tablet holder - Leather case with USB mini Keyboard for 7 inch Tablet PC

    Tablet holder - Leather case with USB mini Keyboard for 7” Tablet PC

    Plug and play capability for 7 inch Android (2.0)tablets and Window system tablets.
    USB cable included
    Stylish design
    Anti-dust and scratch-proof
    Built-in keyboard
    Stand on the table just as a notebook
    Easy to place inside a bag or carry alone

    Manufacturer specifications:
    Material: Leather
    Color: Black
    Size: 230 x 140 x 30 mm (Fit for 7 inch tablet PC)

    Package list:
    1 x leather case with keyboard
    1 x stylus pen
    1 x usb cable

    Note from Ankaka Customer Service:
    Both the top and the bottom tabs are adjustable. They can be moved to fit your tablet. There should not be any gap between your tablet and the case holder.


        Please refer to the bottom of the site.

    Can you tell the max dimensions of the tablet PC that can fit in the holder. My Tablet PC is 199*134*6.5mm and I don't know if it fit or not [ANKAKA REPLIED]Based on the dimension of your tablet, you should choose 8 inch tablet case or 7.9 inch tablet case.

    2014-06-02 15:17:44 Sergey Ivanskiy

    Hi, does it fit Qtab 8" tablet , OS jelly bean 4.2.2, mini USB 2.0, dimension 200x139x7.5 mm. Does this product dimension 230x140x25mm is external dimensions or the internal tablet place dimension, it would be easier to mention the max dimensions of the tablet that can fit in the holder [ANKAKA REPLIED]This item is for 7 inch tablet and we also have 8 inch tablet as below:

    2014-04-04 00:32:48 Hossam Ahmed

    Is it compatible with Google nexus 7(WiFi) 2012 edition. If yes then pos let me knw [ANKAKA REPLY]We suggest this one for you.

    2013-11-29 08:42:40 ravi

    this would be perfect for my google nexus 7. [ANKAKA REPLIED] Look forward to your order.

    2013-09-24 07:47:04 kimberly

    Is it compatible with the Pandigital 7" tablet[ANKAKA REPLIED]This product is a universal one which is compatible with most 7" tablets.

    2012-09-11 03:07:41 arizonascotty

    I bought a Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II from you last week and am now planning to buy this tablet holder. Is it compatible?[ANKAKA REPLIED]This is compatible with an Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II.

    2012-09-02 22:01:52 Don Benoit

    Is it compatible with any Archos 7" running with 4.0 Android OS?[ANKAKA REPLIED]It is not compatible with Archos 7" running with 4.0 Android OS. It is compatible with Android 2.0 tablet.

    2012-08-29 06:33:58 allan

    Is this compatible with the Viewsonic viewpad 7e? although it is a 7" tablet, it has a quite big frame...and only a mini USB, do you sel adaptors for that? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Glad to confirm you that it is compatible with your viewpad. However, the keyboard is with standard USB 2.0 plug. So you need to buy a mini USB to USB cable. You can email us at if you need it. Thanks.

    2012-04-18 11:57:20 prinzzchavo

    I can't conect this keyboard with my zte v9 light it compatible? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Glad to let you know that this keyboard leather case can work with your tablet. Thanks.

    2012-03-09 15:27:36 zeljko

    Hi. Is this compatible with the Nook Tablet? It is 8 inches, but it doesn't matter, because I know that it will fit. My inquiry is, is it compatible with the OS currently running on that tablet, or do I have to root it and install third party drivers to get the keyboard case to work? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes.It is compatible with the Android OS on Nook Tablet. We also have a 8 inch tablet holder. Please kindly check:

    2012-02-20 20:44:48 Geroge Lucas

    Hi, Does it fit & support a Time2Touch MC701A 7" Tablet? Thanks - Andy Main [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes. It fits a Time2Touch MC701A 7" Tablet.

    2012-02-17 14:06:21 Andrew Main

    i don't have a standard usb port on my nook tablet will it work? [ANKAKA REPLIED]You can use an usb adaptor to support its work.

    2012-02-08 11:53:14 sharron johnson

    Does this case/keyboard work well with the Sylvania 7' Android tablet? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes.

    2012-01-25 15:55:03 Joe

    Is it compatible or can it connect with an Elocity A7? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes

    2011-12-19 10:08:19 sherlocksbest

    is it compatible for HTC Flyer? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes.

    2011-12-19 09:28:25 devendra

    Will this fit a Huawei Slim 7 (11cmx20cm)? I have purchased other products and am very pleased with my purchase. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes

    2011-12-19 05:54:06 james

    can i put this case to the new kindel fire? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes.

    2011-10-07 10:32:43 Maria

    Is this compatible with the aPad 2: Android 2.2 Tablet PC, Double-touch 7", I just purchased from you? [ANKAKA REPLIED]YES.

    2011-10-05 22:33:26 Abate

    Will it support upad prime [ANKAKA REPLIED]YES

    2011-09-16 03:19:05 mike

    Is it compatible or can it connect with creative ziio tablet?? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes

    2011-09-10 09:30:46 ksenia

    Is this compatibe with the M704B 8 Inch LCD Touch Screen WIFI 1.2GHZ CPU Two Point Android 2.2 Tablet PC [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls pick the larger one 8' leather case:

    2011-07-28 01:00:19 eydaha

    Will this work with the Nook Color running CM7 with USB Hosting? The CM7 nightlies DO support usb with an adapter, but will this fit the nook color? [ANKAKA REPLIED]This tablet holder supports most of the 8" tablets with standard usb ports.

    2011-07-17 13:59:11 Michael Arena

    Is it compatible or can it connect with APAD 2? On the keyboard there is a Russian marking? [ANKAKA REPLIED] This leather case is 7". There is leather case on our site that matches the APAD 2: And there isn't any Russian marking on the keyborad. Tks!

    2011-03-09 10:01:57 Lebedev

    this is great I'm actually buying one in April along with the Apad and this is just what i need with my Apad for an affordable price

    2011-03-07 19:59:23 Middlebrooks

    Is this compatibe with the Velocity Cruz T103 Tablet? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please check the dimension of the case and tablet to see if they match.

    2011-01-30 19:31:55 mdavid

    Is it compatible with the Imito Im7? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes. It is compatible. Thanks.

    2011-01-16 19:06:47 marquez

    Is it compatible or can it connect with gPad G14? [Ankaka Replied:] Yes, compatible.

    2011-01-12 16:18:32 Tjun