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Stylish Plane-Shaped Waterproof Unisex Digital Watch with Backlight

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    Stylish Plane-Shaped Waterproof Unisex Digital Watch with Backlight

    This watch is very creatively designed.  The face of the watch is shaped like a plane. The location of the passenger compartment clearly displays the current time and dates in digital format. It is not an LED watch, but you can still check the time whenever you need to. The built-in backlight can make the time clear even in darkness. This digital watch is made of high quality materials. The band is very supple and stretchable, so it will not cause your wrist any uncomfortable pressure unlike other metal watches.

    The watch also comes with a built-in alarm function, allowing it to act as an alarm clock as well as a wristwatch. If competing in a sporting event, you can also use it to keep time. Wonderful, isn't it?

    Stylish plane shape.
    Unisex and universal digital watch.
    Comes with backlight.

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Material: rubber and silicone
    Type: Digital watch/Sport watch
    Color: Black
    Polychrome light
    Function:Alarm, Chronograph, Day/date
    Watch shell size:4.5*4.2cm
    Strap width: 2cm
    Suitable wrist: 23cm (single size flexibility)

    Package list:
    1 x Stylish Plane-Shaped Waterproof Unisex Digital Watch with Backlight


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    Hi, can you tell me to what depth this watch is waterproof for ? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please kindly notice that the product is waterproof but limited to drizzle and water exposure in our daily life. You cannot wear it when swimming.

    2012-09-11 03:40:09 Mark Sherman