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Stylish Low Carbon LED Glasses for Night Workers

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    Stylish Low Carbon LED Glasses for Night Workers
    This low carbon LED glass fits those who work in the dark or dim environments.  It is useful for underground, sewage and mine workers because of easy access to the light on the side of the glass for brighter views.  To avoid unnecessary accidents, the light can be turned on to help indicate your whereabouts.  People who are nearsighted or farsighted can replace their lens with correct prescriptions and then input them into this LED glass would work great as well.  

    The LED glass fits people of all ages and it’s comfortable for wearing.  It is considered the one of the cheapest led glasses for 24 hours use.  

    1. LED Light Design
    2. Ideal product for those works at night and in dim areas
    3. Comes with replaceable eyeglass
    4. Fits people of all age

    Manufacturer specifications:
    Power: 3V
    Battery: CR927

    Package List:
    1 X Stylish Low Carbon LED Glasses for Night Workers


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