Stylish Flashing Shuttered Glasses - Red

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    Stylish Flashing Shuttered Glasses - Red

    These glasses will make you seem cool and light up your face with its ability to attract the attention of others even at night. There are three lighting modes on the glasses: 'strobe' mode, 'slow flashing' mode, and 'constantly on' mode. Users can switch modes by pressing the black button on the top frame, making it very easy to change back and forth between modes.

    The six LED lights will light up in sync depending on the mode. (There are three lights on the right and three on the left.) The glasses also come with 3 CR927 button batteries which are necessary to power the glasses.

    These glasses are the ideal accessory for parties, concerts, fundraisers, raves, etc. They can also be worn everyday for fun.

    1. Ideal party accessory.
    2. Three lighting modes: 'strobe' mode, 'slow flashing' mode, and 'constantly on' mode.
    3. Easy to switch the lighting modes.
    4. Lights up your face.
    5. Stylish appearance.

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Color: Red
    Lights Quantity: 6
    Lighting mode: strobe mode, slow flashing mode and constantly on mode
    Power: CR927 button batteries
    Size: 6" x 6"

    Package List:
    1 X Stylish Flashing Shuttered Glasses - Red


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