Stylish Cute LED Mood Light with Touch Screen Scroll Bar & 256 Colored Lights

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    Stylish Cute LED Mood Light with Touch Screen Scroll Bar & 256 Colored Lights


    This mood light comes with a touch screen function that will please most people. Indeed, you can scroll your hand on the bar and change colors smoothly for fun or according to your mood!

    The LED mood light definitely belongs to this category and its presence will also boost your morale each time you need it! Its shape and paint are modern, pretty, and fit around and in any furniture. Since there is always space for such an entertaining gadget it is really worthy to see a wide range of discreet vivid colors brightening up and giving a new appearance to areas in need of freshness!

    Every room needs these small accessories that make the whole environment look much more attractive, stylish and fashionable. It is really pleasant to display up 256 colors only by a simple press. You can just feel like God by creating a bright rainbow, only with your forefinger! Or if you appreciate randomness, let the lamp alternate colors automatically and enjoy the elegant dance of beams.

    Complete the decoration of your trendy places with this tiny cute mood light!

    This outstanding LED light is suitable in most common places:

    Living room: it will blend in the middle of your lava lamps, modern art objects, red cushions and so on.

    Computer accessory: it will animate your room while chatting, playing video games, watching movies, reading news…, etc

    Bars: altogether with spotlights, it will bring a stunning atmosphere especially if the mood light is located on every table. Moreover, you are sure to get attention from amazed customers.

    Great as a gift, wonderful for your home, office and business; have no hesitation - order now while supplies last! Brought to you at an unbeatable price by your reliable source of China wholesale electronics, Ankaka.

    Touch screen scroll bar
    LED mood light
    Super bright
    Up to 256 colors

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Main function: touch screen scroll bar LED light
    Number of colors: 256
    LED chips: 3 RGB 1W
    Brightness: 150LM
    Power source: built-in li-ion rechargeable battery
    Battery capacity: 280mAh
    Charging time: 2 hours
    Using time: 6 hours after full charge
    Power supply: 5V
    Port: 5V charging port
    Color: black
    Dimensions: 90mm x 78mm

    Package List:
    1 X mood light
    1 X USB charging cable

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    12 month warranty
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    Hi, Do you have a similiar item with auto color change and remote control ? Thank you [ANKAKA REPLIED]The one in the following link may be ok for you:

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