Steering Wheel-Mounted Universal Remote Control

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    Steering Wheel-Mounted Universal Remote Control

    Ever wanted to change stations or access your GPS while driving, but didn't want to take your hands away from the steering wheel? Then this Steering Remote Control is exactly what you've been waiting for. Using its unique high-compatibility chip, it can easily copy the signal to any car electronic product with an existing remote setup. Simply clip it onto the side of the steering wheel and the only thing you'll need to move is your thumb!
    And if you've lost your remote for your TV or music player, the remote can be simply unclipped from its mount on the steering wheel, and taken inside the house for use as a small replacement remote for almost any electronic product.


    • 10 programmable buttons
    • Simplified programming process
    • Easy installation
    • Improves car safety
    • Compatible with 95% of all remote receivers on the market

    Notes from Manufacturer

    In the event of a problem with the product, if the device has been opened by the customer, the manufacturer will refuse to repair it.
    The functionality of the remote control is dependent upon the angle. During practical use, there may be some angles where the remote will not operate well. When installing the product, it is recommended to select a close position to the receiver and proper angle to assure full operation of the remote control.
    The product can copy the codes of over 95% of remote controls on the market, but it is not guaranteed to copy the codes of all remotes.

    Package List

    • 1x Steering Remote Control + Clip
    • 1x Instruction Manual


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    Hi will this product work with pioneer avh x2690bt?? [ANKAKA REPLIED]It works with devices that have remote control function.

    2014-09-20 15:30:33 hrishi Wa

    I have suzuki swift. I am based in India. So right hand side driver seat. My stereo is on the left hand side. I have Caska car audio system installed. The sensor is on the left hand side of the stereo. So, if you install the remote on right hand side, it won't be able to read as its quite far. And I cannot install it on left hand side of the steering as it will make it upside down. How can it be installed. I mean which side??? [ANKAKA REPLY]Please send email to for information.

    2013-06-26 08:13:50 Abhishek

    Can you please send me instructions in english on how to program this. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email for the English Instruction and include your order number.

    2012-05-11 11:10:08 Luke Vardanian

    Отличный и главное- дешевый гаджет.

    2012-05-08 13:11:00 Andreev

    Hi, is there a way to make this work without having the original remote? Thank you [ANKAKA REPLIED]This item only can work on its original remote control. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2012-03-07 06:33:33 Alex

    Hello..I did EXACTLY as showed on the video but still does not work ....Is the video incomplete ???...Shouldnt the video show the part where the sterero car audio remote control should be place on front of the steering wheel control ??....thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED]The video is a simple product show. Pls refer to the manual attached to operate this remote control.

    2011-11-04 11:58:48 Martin

    Hello, u can we please find out if it will work on the JVC KW-AVX740, thank you very much Regards, Andrej-mail .- [ANKAKA REPLIED]No, it only works with traditional GPS, TV & media players.

    2011-10-04 05:25:01 Toth

    Can you send me instructions how to program the "universal steering remote control" I received a Chinese manual only. Kind regards [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls email with your order # for the english manual.

    2011-05-19 10:43:00 Avner Ezion

    Everything OK! works good. Easy programming process! Satisfied with the product at 100%

    2011-05-11 12:22:54 Holubow

    hey how are you --- i got an universal remote control but i can nnot proggramer con you help please...maybe do you have a video or a complete user guide thank [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please refer to the manual attached for programming.

    2011-01-14 12:23:12 Ricardo