Spy Hat With Remote - Hidden Pinhole Video Camera + DVR

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    Spy Hat With Remote - Hidden Pinhole Video Camera + DVR

    Updated on 2012-11-26


    4GB flash memory
    USB plug and play ready
    One size fits all adjustable size
    Virtually undetectable spy camera
    Takes AVI videos at 720x480 and 30FPS
    Stylish design matches casual clothing
    Capture high quality audio and video

    This spy hat lets you record high quality undercover videos wherever you go and without anybody knowing the better. That's because the spy camera is actually hidden behind the hat and the extremely small pinhole lens is hidden within a rivet in the hat! So even if people are looking directly at the hat, they still won't be able to notice the extremely hidden video lens!

    This spy hat comes with an impressive 4GB of memory so you will have enough storage capacity to capture hours of high quality undercover videos with audio. Video is recorded at 720x480 resolution and 30FPS which gives you nice and detailed spy videos. Using this spy device is quick and easy too. Just turn it ON and press the RECORD button on the remote to begin recording, press it once more to stop and save.

    The design of this spy hat is modern and stylish enough to wear with any casual style clothing and can be used just about anywhere you go. This spy device isn't limited to spy use either. Use this spy camera to document your daily adventures or simply keep it on your head and capture all of life's spontaneous moments.

    If you are looking for a virtually undetectable spy camera that you can use anywhere you go then you have found the right product. Place your single piece or bulk orders now while this brand new spy device is still in stock and ready for next day shipping. This spy hat comes with our 12 month guarantee and is brought to you by the leaders in high-tech spy gadgets, Ankaka!


    Product Description: Spy Hat With Remote - Hidden Pinhole Video Camera + DVR
    Operating System Compatibility For USB Transfer: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista 32 / Windows7 (32 bit versions only)
    Color: Black
    Video Format: AVI
    Photo Format: JPG
    Internal Memory: 4GB
    Comes with Remote
    Frames Per Second: 30 FPS
    Video Resolution: 720x480
    Image Sensor: 2MP Color CMOS
    Power: Rechargeable Li-ion battery
    Size: One size fits all adjustable
    Battery life: About 60 minutes continuous recording depending on use.
    Video Size: 1 hour of video uses about 2GB of storage
    - Power ON/OFF
    - Microphone
    USB: 2.0 with backward 1.1 support
    Dimensions: 180mm x 173mm x 48mm
    Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WHOLESALE DD3KYESJ9W3

    Notes from Manufacturers

    1 hour of video uses about 2GB of storage.
    If the OFF button is switched while recording, the video will not be saved. Make sure to press the STOP button to save the recording.

    Package List For AMV-I72

           1 x 4GB Spy Hat
           1 x Remote Controller
           1 x USB Cable

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    Do these sunglasses record audio?
    Yes, they record video with audio.
    Can I zoom with the sunglasses?
    NO, there is no zoom function with this model.
    How do I set the correct time and date?
    Follow these simple steps
    1- Connect spy sunglasses to computer
    2- Open the newly added drive under "my computer"
    3- Create a new text file in the root directory named TIME.TXT
    4- Open the new text file and enter the time and date in the following format: YYYY.MM.DD HH: MM: SS
    5- Save and exit

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    - 12 month warranty
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        Please refer to the bottom of the site.

    Just opened a retail location, it is selling very well. The video quality is great. We will be carrying and selling this item as long as we can get it.

    2012-03-24 21:47:34 Dawn

    Very Nice Product! Will be purchasing more....

    2012-03-06 20:09:35 Hollinger

    can you explain how to change date time? I have tried the instructions below but cannot get correct time ??? "Pls create a new txt file and name it "Time". Then key in your local time with the format 2011.06.16 18:27:30. Save the txt file and copy it to your memory card inside the hat. The hat will have the correct time" Can you please be more specific with the instructions ? When I plug in I have 2 x folders. 1) DCIM 2) Private Which one are you supposed to save the Text file into ? Please help ! [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls email sale@ankaka.com for the "time" text file. Please include your order number with inquiry.

    2011-07-26 12:43:11 Sean

    can you explain how change date time? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls create a new txt file and name it "Time". Then key in your local time with the format 2011.06.16 18:27:30. Save the txt file and copy it to your memory card inside the hat. The hat will have the correct time.

    2011-06-16 04:24:28 sergey

    Anyone who uploads a video onto youtube.com will receive a prize do i put the link here or is there a form somewhere, also can i get multiple prizes if i buy another item and make another product review of that item [ANKAKA REPLIED]You just need to submit a YouTube video link to us by filling out the form above.(Indicates required fields) Ankaka will review your YouTube video 2 months later.

    2011-06-03 21:58:26 Eugene