Solar LED Flashlight - All-Weather Cast Meta Design -Ultimate Green Gadget

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    Solar LED Flashlight - The Ultimate Environmental Torchlight - Solar powered LED flashlight

    The CVSB-G77, our exclusive full bodied all-weather solar LED flashlight with cast aluminum body for traveling in urban or extreme conditions.

    Making its world introduction, our new solar LED flashlight is ready to illuminate your world like never before! Who needs to worry about batteries when you have a solar powered LED torch light? Simply let it recharge itself by sunlight during the day and the use it at night as you are exploring the wilderness or even your own bedroom ;-).

    With a weatherproof design and cast metal construction, this baby is ready for any type of adventure. It provides plenty of white light for walking around at night and its large torch style body can also be used as wilderness club if you run into any dangerous wild animals like Bambi.

    In stock right now for two piece or bulk stock orders, get yours today!

    • Solar powered LED flashlight
    • All-weather cast metal design
    • White color light
    • Re-charge by day, use by night
    • Ultimate Green Gadget

    China Manufacturer Specifications

    • Main Function: Solar LED Flashlight
    • Materials: Cast aluminum body, LED reflector array, solar panel, energy storage cell
    • LED Color: White
    • LED Count: 10
    • LED Rated Life: 50,000 hours
    • Lumens: 120
    • Storage Cell Type: Li-ion
    • Dimensions: 250mm Long x 38mm diameter (head diameter = 53mm)
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WholesaleC79CC7A3EB40

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • White LED's have a rated life of 50,000 hours, a literal lifetime for a flashlight!
    • Weatherproof - use it outside in any weather (but do not submerse under water)
    • Do not try to take apart the flashlight - this will damage the unit.

    Package List

    • Model CVSB-G77 LED Torchlight

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • Is this flashlight a narrow beam or stadard beam type?
      This a standard beam type for general area illumination.
    • Can I see what is inside the flashlight?
      NO! Taking apart the flashlight voids the product warranty and may damage the unit.

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