Solar Battery Charger for iPods, Phones, Cameras and USB Devices =Energy Saved

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    Solar Battery Charger for iPods, Phones, Cameras and USB Devices - Solar battery charger for portable electronics

    Solar Battery Charger for iPods, Phones, Cameras and USB Devices lets you charge all your electronic gadgets anywhere, anytime.

    Are you tired of your phone shutting down in the middle of an important call? Are you fed up with your camera powering off right when you need it? Does it frustrate you when your PSP dies when you've finally made it to the last level? Now, with this solar battery charger, you can charge all your gadgets and enjoy them longer!

    What kinds of devices does this solar battery charger work with? iPods, and anything that charges through USB, such as cell phones and PDAs, cameras and camcorders, MP3 and MP4 players, GPS devices, and even portable gaming systems like the PSP! You will love the convenience of being able to charge all your electrical devices any time you want, anywhere you go.

    Using this solar battery charger is easy. Before you go out, you can charge the battery in one of three ways: by connecting to your PC via USB cable, through an electrical socket with the AC adapter, or by collecting solar energy with the device's solar panel. Charge it with your computer while you're at work, or stick it in your dashboard while you're driving. No matter how you charge it, this solar battery charger will be ready when you need to charge your phone, camera, MP3 player, and other gadgets.

    Large battery capacity, compatibility with all USB gadgets, and portable design make this solar charger great for consumers and resellers alike. Purchase a sample for yourself to see how wonderfully the CVBS-S08 works, then order in bulk for even better savings. From the leader in factory-direct high tech gadgets, Ankaka.

    • Solar battery charger for portable electronics
    • Charge iPods
    • Charge most portable electronic devices
    • Charges any USB powered device
    • Stores power in the internal li-ion battery
    • Large 2600mAh battery capacity

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • Product Description: Solar battery charger for portable electronics
    • Battery
      - Type: Li-ion polymer battery
      - Capacity: 2600mAh
      - Output Voltage: 5.5V / 6V
      - Output Current: 350-800mAh
      - Full Charge Time: 3-4 hours AC power, 6-8 hours solar
    • Solar Panel: Polycrystalline silicon panel
    • Power Output Ports: USB, DC Out
    • Voltage Switch: 5.5V, 6V
    • Built-in LED Flashlight
    • Dimensions (mm): 140 (L) x 80 (W) x 29 (H) when closed; 140 (L) x 150 (W) x 12 (H) when open
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WholesaleHKH74PIMOD

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • 5V products are properly charged with this unit via the 5.5V switch
    • LED flashlight for reading in the dark
    • Sturdy design protects against physical damage
    • Fits in your pocket

    Package List for Model CVBS-S08

    • Solar Battery Charger
    • USB Cable
    • Adapters for Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony-Ericcson
    • Wall Charger (100-250V, 50/60Hz)
    • User Manual - English

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • What kind of devices can I charge with this universal solar charger?
      You can charge iPods as well as any device that can charge through USB, such as cell phones, cameras, MP3 and MP4 players, GPS devices, and numerous other gadgets.
    • Is this device a battery or just a charger?
      This device is a battery. You can charge it up through USB or the solar panel, and it will store the charge.
    • Can I use this solar battery charger straight out of the box?
      Depending on how long the device has been inactive, you may have to charge it fully the very first time you use it.
    • Is it better to charge this solar battery charger with the USB cable or with solar energy?
      Charging this battery with the USB cable is faster than charging with sunlight. Charging with sunlight is more convenient when you are outdoors, plus it's free.

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    I purchased the Solar Battery Charger for iPods, Phones, Cameras and USB Devices from for my son so that he can charge all of his devices and not to deal with various plug-ins all throughout the house, and what's great is that because it has solar capability, he can take this charger anywhere! It was very easy to order online and was shipped to us very promptly. My son likes how convenient it is to charge his portable electronics with one device, and it works very well. He also has the choice of charging the battery from his computer USB, AC adapter, or using solar power. This has been a useful purchase for very fair price, and I am thinking about buying a few more of these for other family members. I have also found that, with the money we have saved on electricity, this charger has already paid for itself.

    2012-08-03 09:25:55 Lynn Lacas

    is it able to charge the I touch 4g and the iphone 4? [ANKAKA REPLIED]No, this solar charger can't charge the i-touch 4 and iphone 4.

    2011-09-27 05:41:01 Trevor