Slim GSM Tri-band GPS Tracker Phone for Kids

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    GPS Tracker Phone for Kids

    • Slim design and easy to use
    • GSM Tri-band frequency with 5 preset phone numbers
    • GPS function through either SMS Txt or Computer software
    • Timed report + Geo-fence for more security
    • FREE mini USB earphone
    • Computer software provided for easy setup

    • NOTE: This GSM product is compatible with the three frequencies of 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz

      GSM Frequency Information

      This GPS Tracker Phone works with the following GSM Frequencies:

      900 + 1800 + 1900 MHz

      Please check that the local cell network matches the phone's GSM standard.

      Click here to view your regions cell phone network.

      New tech gadget from Ankaka: GPS Tracker Phone, a smart looking, back-to-basic cellphone designed for children and seniors, incorporated with the latest GPS tracking technology and extra ease of use.

      The problem:
      Nowadays, cellphones comes with many unnecessary features that are dangerous for children and young adults. Not only excessive TXT and phone calls make your child prone to disrupted sleeps, restlessness, stress and fatigue, the widely used Internet surfing feature also expose them to violence and adult materials on the web.

      The solution:
      The GPS Tracker Phone retains only the essential feature of a cellphone - to make phone calls when they need it. With only 5 preset phone numbers available (including 1 emergency SOS number) and no TXT or Internet Surfing capabilities, your kids are less likely to spend hours of their time and expensive phone bills on unnecessary phone calls, excessive TXT messages or inappropriate web contents. Instead, they will have more time for socialising, sports, homework and a healthier lifestyle.

      The features:
      At only 1/3 the size of a normal cellphone, the tracker phone is also a full featured GPS tracker
      • When making an SOS call during an unexpected emergency situation, the tracker phone will also send out a TXT message containing its location
      • Real time positioning information can be obtained by sending a TXT message to the tracker phone any time during the day
      • Set the tracker phone to periodically report its location to you, so you know exactly where your kids are
      • Setup a Geo-fence zone so it will bring to your attention if your kids are venturing outside the area

      The prospect:
      Anyone who needs reliable communication method and GPS tracking at the same time can benefit from this GPS Tracker Phone. Seniors citizens who normally have difficulty remembering long phone numbers can call any preset number with only 1 button press, Truck/Company car drivers with GPS tracking phones can send periodic location report back to their management as well as communicating using the tracker. Tourist can also take advantage of its small size while enjoy the benefit of knowing exactly where they are.

      This ultra-compact GPS Track Phone with elegant construction and easy to use features is a must have communication and tracking gadget. Its excellent quality, intuitively designed buttons and full GPS tracking capability is ideal for personal or business uses. In stock right now and available only from the best electronics wholesaler - Ankaka


      • Primary Function: 5 Number Kids Phone with GPS Tracker
      • Frequency: GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz
      • Max Out RF Power: 33 dBm
      • Receiving Sensitivity: Class II RBER<=2
      • GPS Chipset: SIRF Star III GPS Receiver
      • Sensitivity: Autonomous Acquisition - 142 dBm
      • Channels: 20 channel all - in - view tracking
      • Time To First Fix:
        - Cold start: 44 s
        - Warm start: <38s
        - Hot start: <2 s
      • Altitude Limit: 18,000 meters (60,000 feet) max
      • elocity Limit: 515 meters/second (1000 knots) max
      • Acceleration Limit: Less than 4g
      • Buttons:
        - SOS
        - 4 x Preset Numbers
        - Dial
        - Hang up
        - Power
        - Lock Keyboard
        - Volume Adjust
      • Connector:
        - Mini USB: for Charging/Sync/Earphone
      • Functions Available: Phone Call, SOS, Realtime Positioning, Geo - fense, Movement Alert, Timed Report
      • Battery: Li - Polymer 850 mAh , 3.7V
      • Standby Time: up to 150 hours
      • Charging Voltage: 5 V
      • Dimension: 75 (L) x 44 (W) x 17(H) mm
      • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WHOLESALEJ3VVEJSVJTRG

      Notes from Manufacturers

      • Preset phone numbers are good for people with memory loss problem
      • Use earphone for more convenience
      • Comes with FREE computer software that can help setup the GPS tracker phone
      • Save the most common instructions as TXT templates for quick references
      • Please make sure that there is enough credit on the SIM card placed inside the GPS unit
      • Some features listed in the user manual are not present as the manual has been generalized for a multi - model product range. When in doubt, refer to this product description for supported functionality

      Package List for AQJ - G229

      • GPS Tracker Phoner
      • Earphone
      • Rechargeable Battery
      • Power Adaptor
      • USB Cable
      • Manual CD

      Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

      • What is the difference between GPS tracker phone and a GPS tracker?
      • Normal GPS tracker are designed for tracking purposes only, some of them have the two - way calling function but hard to use because of its design, where as the GPS Tracker Phone is a mini cellphone. You will find the sound quality of its mic and speaker are much better, as well as an included earphone for more convenience.
      • The GPS Tracker Phone doesn't work. What's wrong?
        A number of things could cause this to happen:
        1) Make sure the SIM card is compatible (only 2G, 2.5G, 2.75G SIM cards work)
        2) Make sure there is money left on the SIM card and that it has not expired
        3) Make sure there is no PIN code associated with the SIM card
        4) Make sure roaming is enabled on your SIM account if you are in a different country
      • The return TXT message from the tracker contains a lot of numbers and does not make any sense to me, what should I do?
        On the manual CD, there is a file called "Tracker Specification.pdf", the format of different return TXT messages are specified within that file, so please read carefully.
      • How do I make the GPS Tracker Phone send reply TXT message to my own cellphone number?
        Using the manager tool supplied with the CD, sync your tracker phone with the software first, then enable "GPS Setting and Main Server Register". Choose "Force on SMS", then input the cellphone number that you wish the message to be sent to in the "Main SMS Gateway" text box.
      • How do I make sense of the longitude and latitude data this unit provides?
        Both Google Maps and Google Earth can easily translate the data into usable visual information. You can also use the included trial software.
      • How does a GPS tracker actually function?
        There's a sophisticated GPS microchip embedded into the heart of this tracker which continually reads its own location from low orbiting global satellites and then utilizes the GSM infrastructure operated by major cellular network providers via the SIM card to transmit its current location to you.
      • I'm a mom and I'm trying to figure out how I can put this product to use.
        OK, picture this. You drop off your teenage kids at the library, but you can't be sure whether their there studying after you dropped them off, or off to a friends house for some tomfoolery. Just hide this in their knapsack and send a text message to the SIM card within the GPS tracker & the location in precise latitude & latitude will be sent to you automatically from the GPS tracker. Then you can then check their location using Google maps and see if your kids are really at the library The. Mall.

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        - Main = Electronic Gadgets
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    So how often would it text the cordinates of its location? Hourly, daily, or? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please kindly notice that the item can text the cordinates of its location every ten minutes and can keep working for about 300 hours.

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    hello price for 100 pcs send via TNT to iran thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email for best quote.

    2012-06-10 14:45:14 ghaneipour

    Hi We’re looking to customize a GPS device, one that would look like an accessory for kids and a mini size. What is your capability and how much for big quantities to order. Let me know Thank you Sam [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls email for details. Tks!

    2011-03-26 15:08:53 sam