Skynet One IP Security Camera (WIFI, DVR, Night Vision) - High quality CMOS sensor & Waterproof

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    Skynet One - IP Security Camera (WIFI, DVR, Night Vision) - High quality CMOS sensor

    Easy to setup and use. So powerful in what it allows you to do. Feature-rich! The Skynet One - waterproof IP security camera with WIFI, night vision, and DVR functionality! When you can't be there yourself, you can with Skynet One!

    Easy Installation: Simple to set up and easy to use. That was the driving force behind the intelligent design of Skynet One:
    • Plug into power outlet
    • If using Ethernet, connect cable to camera
    • If using WIFI, connect antenna to camera
    • Install program on disk
    • The program generates an IP address
    • Paste IP address into web browser and instantly view or record camera's streamed videos
    • That is all there is to it!

    Powerful Beyond Belief: The Skynet One waterproof IP security camera with WIFI and night vision lets you watch what is going on outside your home or in the alley behind your store, not only while you're safely indoors, but from anywhere on the Internet! With the IP address of the surveillance camera, you can be on a business trip in Tokyo and watch your backyard in Copenhagen.How does it work?Skynet One is connected to the Internet in the same way your house is connected to the road. As long as someone knows your postal address they can drive along highways and streets to find you. In the same way this IP security camera generates a IP address for itself when you connect it to the Internet. With that IP address, you can view and record what the video camera sees from anywhere in the world. All you need is an web connection.

    Tons of Features: The Skynet One let'ss you see what's going at home or at work from anywhere in the world, but there's more. It is housed in a rugged anodized aluminum shell which is waterproof so come rain, sleet, snow, you'll see and be able to record the show! What's more, it features streaming VGA quality graphics and can even monitor the environment when there is no ambient light available. Thanks to a 1/4 inch CMOS sensor and 30 infrared lights, you'll be able to see what's going on even in darkness!

    This IP security camera with100 frames per secondrecording functionality is brought to you by Ankaka at an astonishing low wholesale factory direct price. Click "Add to Cart" right now and we'll express ship you a sample to enjoy it for yourself. Then when you see how outstanding the quality is, feature it on your online store for some easy and high profit sales for your website.


    • High quality CMOS sensor
    • Access camera output from anywhere on the Web
    • Can function with or without PC
    • Record100 fpsvideos to your hard drive
    • Connect through WiFi or LAN cable
    • Nightvision (30 IR LED's)
    • Waterproof

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • Primary Function: Waterproof IP Security Camera with WIFI and Night Vision

    • Camera Information:
      - Sensor: 1/4 inch CMOS
      - Horizontal Definition: 380 TV Lines
      - Lens: f=6.0mm
      - Minimum Illumination: 0 Lux
      - White balance: AUTO
      - Infrared: Yes (30 LED lights)
      - Daytime Effective Distance: 100 meters
      - Nighttime Effective Distance: 50 meters

    • Image Information:
      - Video Resolution: VGA (640x480), QVGA (320x240)
      - Video Frame Rate: VGA (100 fps), QVGA (100 fps)
      - Video Format: AVI (Motion JPEG)
      - Video File Size: ~ 30 Mb / minute (VGA)
      - Still Image Format: JPEG

    • IP Information:
      - Connectivity: Wired (RJ-45/10-100 Base T) or WIFI (802.11 b/g)
      - WIFI Encryption: None, WEP, WPA-TKIP, WPA-AES, WPA2-AES, WPA2-TKIP + AES
      - Protocols Supported: TCP/IP, DHCP, SMTP, HTTP, DDNS, UPNP, ICMP, FTP, DNS, UDP

    • General Information:
      - Waterproof: Yes
      - Requires Computer: NO
      - Multi-camera support: 4
      - Browser Display: Single or Quad
      - Power consumption: 3W
      - Certification: CE, FCC
      - Dimensions: 170 mm (length) x 65 mm (diameter)
      - Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WholesaleCDHC45N1MF3F

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Recording camera output is done through your IE browser. Simply install the software on disk and it will add viewing and recording functionality to your browser.
    • Setup 4 cameras in order to monitor four different locations.

    Package List For CVLM-I34

    • IP Security Camera
    • WIFI Antenna
    • Power Adapter 100 - 240v
    • Mounting Kit
    • CD - (English User Manual, Software)

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • Is this camera PAL or NTSC?
      The concepts of PAL and NTSC are irrelevant when it comes to web surveillance cameras. It will work with any display.
    • How big are the video files recorded from The Skynet One IP security camera?
      One minute of footage recorded at VGA quality is roughly 29 MB in size. So if you have a 500 GB hard drive, you could concievably record almost 300 hours of surveillance with The Skynet One. That's roughly 2 weeks worth!
    • Is that a typing mistake? You claim that this IP security camera records AVI at 100 frames per second! That's better than DVD quality?!?!?!
      It's no mistake. We were amazed too. We verified the results independently with two industry software programs known for file analysis: GSpot 2.70a and MediaInfo. Both programs verified that resultant videos are 100 frames per second. So's a pretty good camera.
    • Why is this camera called Skynet One?
      Well did you by any chance see that James Cameron movie? NO! Not Avatar. The other one. No not Spider Man. Ah not Titanic either. Or Aliens. OK fine, fine we're talking about Terminator. Terminator, the movie. Skynet One...the machine AI that caused the war between man and machine...

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    This product was added to our catalog on Monday 11 January, 2010.


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    I recently purchased one of these, but the disk doesn't work in my computer, could you please send me a copy of the software? Thanks!! [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2014-01-01 12:44:26 Kate

    Dear Sir, I have some questions regarding the Skynet One IP Security Camera (WIFI, DVR, Night Vision) - High quality CMOS sensor & Waterproof: 1. Is it possible to save the recordings of the camera on an external hard disk or usb? 2. I have WIFI: does the pc needs to be turned on when the camera is recording on USB or external harddrive? 3. Can i choose when to record or when not to record (e.g. only record by night or only by daytime). [ANKAKA REPLIED] We are delighted to let you know that you can save the recordings of the camera on an external hard disk or usb, you will need to keep the pc turned on when the camera is recording if you want to save the recordings on your pc. Also, you can set recording time. Wish you a good shopping at ankaka.

    2012-11-08 16:18:49 Raoul

    Hi, I bought this product and have the same problem with the driver disk like Mr. Van londen and Mr. Jay. Could you send the software to me too? Thanks, Ron[ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2012-08-21 07:49:37 Ron

    I will need to know the volts amps and watts the camera draws. This information will help me choose which solar panel and charge controller I will need to create a continuous solar power supply for the camera. There is no electrical supply where we need to add a security camera. A wireless (wifi) camera that can be run by solar and batteries continuously would be ideal. [ANKAKA REPLIED] Sorry for that we have no camera powered by solar and battery. But this one you mentioned is wireless and have a good performance. We checked the charger of this camera. The input is 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.2A max. The output is 5V,2A. Power consumption is 3W. Hope the information above is helpful for you. Thanks.

    2012-01-10 04:52:35 Daniel

    Can i use it to guide my garden, which is approximately 40 feet away from my wireless router? [ANKAKA REPLIED]The effective wireless range is 50-80 meters without any obstructions. The signal can't go through walls.

    2011-11-01 05:56:07 Kimberly

    Does the motion sensor invoke the recording or does the camera record constantly? Urgent! [ANKAKA REPLIED]This camera will start to capture sight once some one invade its view constantly and the recorded video will be saved on the computer automatically.

    2011-10-28 04:54:19 Lee

    do i need to install any software to view the video feed? i want to view the video on a mac computer and an iphone, will this work? [ANKAKA REPLIED]You need to install softwares to your PC if you want to watch the videos directly on your PC. It complies with mac computers and iphone4.

    2011-09-22 04:35:21 Carl

    Dear Ankaka,I have the same problem as Van londen,my CD was damaged in transport and I'm looking for the software to run this unit. We were planning to buy a couple but if we can't make one work,I think we might reconsider... I'd like to get an email with the software if possible,thanks. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls email for the CD-softwares. Please include your order number with inquiry.

    2011-07-31 13:27:54 Jay

    My video from Skynet ip cam [ANKAKA REPLIED]We will review your YouTube video 2 months later.

    2011-05-31 13:09:41 andrea

    Dear Mister Ankaka, I have bought the Skynet One - IP Security Camera (WIFI, DVR, Night Vision) from you and i have a broken CD in the pakkage ,please can you send me a new one or can you give me a site adress ,from where i can download it from. With regards Cor van londen the Netherlands [ANKAKA REPLIED] We have emailed you the software. THanks.

    2010-11-09 03:29:17 Cor Van londen