Shark Fin Style Solar Car Warning Light - Prevents Rear-End Collisions

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    Shark Fin Style Solar Car Warning Light - Prevents Rear-End Collisions


    The Shark Fin Style Solar Car Warning Light is a new vehicle safety product that can be installed at the top of a car's rear windshield and warn following cars by blinking LED lights. Its function is to prevent rear-end collisions, and all-too common occurrence nowadays, and to protect the car's passengers.

    The product runs on solar energy. Its high-efficiency light board can absorb 3 hours worth of energy even on a rainy day. If left in bright sunlight for 15 hours, the energy it absorbs can last 15-20 days. The warning light's surface is disposed by baking varnish, not spray. This not only makes the light smooth, but helps it resist corrosion as well.

    The warning light has 6 LED lights in 2 colors: 2 blue lights and 4 white lights. They are made of Taiwan 15*15 square wick, making them very stable. When blinking, the light emitted is almost as bright as the car's taillights. This provides a good warning to other cars when driving.

    Notice: The LED lights only blink in poor light environments, such as in the evening or in tunnels, when driving.

    6 LED Lights: 2 blue, 2 white, 2 red.
    Powered by solar energy.
    Shark fin design.
    Anti-static function.
    Lower drag coefficient.
    Helps prevent rear-end collisions.

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Product color: Black, White, Red or Silver(Choose any one of them)
    Surfcace : baking varnish
    Material : ABS
    Built-in high-capacity lithium battery
    No wires, only need to tear off the sellotape and stick it tightly
    Automatical traffic alert feature
    Intelligent shutdown system
    Waterproof function
    Can be uninstalled easily
    Lower drag coefficient, anti-static function
    Anti-rear-end functions

    Package list:
    1 x Shark Fin Style Solar Car Warning Light - Preventing Rear-end Collision


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    Hi there I need more info on the unit? Does it come in different sizes? Do you perhaps have info on how. Long does unit last for with battery. Is it legal to put this on your car in south Africa? How does the flashing lights works? Does it work on movement or what? Let me know urgent as I am about to start business in south Africa and doing a venture and potentially got big market with a marketing idea, Regards Pierre[ANKAKA REPLIED]This product comes in two different sizes. For further information, please email

    2013-04-02 14:10:11 Pierre de Lange