Sentinel - Waterproof Night Vision CCTV (SONY 1/3 CCD) - NTSC - Waterproof Night Vision Security Camera

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    Sentinel - Waterproof Night Vision CCTV (SONY 1/3 CCD) - NTSC - Waterproof Night Vision Security Camera
    The SentinelCCTV camera is strong, resilient and ever vigilant. With 108 LEDs, an high grade aluminum body and a Sony 1/3 inch CCD lens. This wired CCTV camera will stream crystal clear pictures to your security system no matter what the weather.

    The Sentinelis a CCTV surveillance camera with a unique design; three separate connected bodies with three IR (infra red) sensors, three banks of LED lights and one high grade camera. Concerned about security? Then you'll appreciate this highly thought through, durable and high-quality surveillance camera. The heavy-duty aluminum casing protectsThe Sentinelfrom water, stormy weather and falling debris.

    With the included mounting bracket, installing and positioning this camera is quick and easy.The Sentinelwill guard with optimum efficiency, providing you with complete peace of mind about the safety of your home and business. With a clear resolution and a long viewing range, this powerful CCTV is perfect for keeping an eye on the outside of your home or business all day and night, rain or shine.

    The 1/3 inch CCD Sony lens gives a high quality image and wide viewing angle, while 108 infrared (IR) LED's provide excellent night vision, even in complete darkness.The Sentinelis the perfect guardian for your home or business. For maximum security, buy severalSentinelsfor total all round protection and safety. The CVSH-I24-NTSC (a.k.aThe Sentinel) is brought to you by the leader in factory-direct wholesale electronics, Ankaka.

    • Waterproof Night Vision Security Camera
    • Weatherproof from -20C to +50C
    • 108 IR LED's for Powerful Night Vision
    • 1/3 Inch CCD Sony Lens
    • Heavy Duty Aluminum Casing
    • Easy to Install and Position

    Note: The CVSH-I24-NTSC supports the NTSC color system. For PAL versions, please see CVSH-I24-PAL. Have Fun!

    China Specifications

    • Primary Function: Waterproof Night Vision Security Camera
    • Video Format: NTSC
    • Image Sensor: 1/3 Inch SONY CCD
    • Lens: 6mm Auto-Iris Lens
    • Horizontal Resolution: 420 TV Lines
    • Minimum Illumination: 0 LUX (IR on)
    • Exposure Mode: EE (Auto Exposure Electronics)
    • S/N Ratio: +48dB
    • Viewing Distance:
      - Day Time: 80 - 100 meters
      - Night Time (IR): 50 meters
    • IR LED: 108 LED at 850nm
    • Audio: None
    • Operating Temperature: -20 to +50 degrees C
    • Connection Type: RCA (Female)
    • Power Adapter: 12V DC
    • Dimensions:
      - Sentinel: L:169 x W:200 x H:75 (mm)
      - Stand: L:166 x W:65 x D:64 (mm)
    • Certifications: CE, FCC
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WholesaleTKN8C2PLP86B
    • Catalog Ref: Security Camera, Wired Surveillance Camera, Waterproof Camera, CCTV Camera, CCD Camera, IR Camera, Night Vision Camera

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Provides you with 24/7 security
    • Only supports NTSC color system
    • Switching between night vision is completely automatic

    Package List for CVSH-I24-NTSC

    • Waterproof Night Vision Security Camera
    • AC Adapter (100-240V, 50/60Hz)
    • Mounting Bracket
    • Manual - English

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • Does this camera have audio?
      No. This camera captures video but not audio.
    • Do I have to turn night vision on manually?
      No. This camera has 3 light sensors that detects light levels. It switches to IR mode automatically.
    • Do you connect cables from the camera outside to your computer or is it cordless?
      The device is not wireless/cordless, you will need to connect cables from the camera to the computer, monitor or TV screen.
    • Do you always have to keep the computer on to be always on guard?
      The computer does not have to be switched on, the camera has its own power supply.

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