Safaricom Huawei E1750: 7.2Mbps HSPA USB 3G Dongle Modem

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    Safaricom Huawei E1750: 7.2Mbps HSPA USB 3G Dongle Modem


    The Huawei E1750 HSPA USB 3G Dongle Modem comes with an easy-to-use design. It functions as the latest plug-and-play USB modem. It is the best choice for those people who need high speed data on the move.

    The Huawei E1750 is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and MAC OS X. This dongle is also compatible with most of the tablets Ankaka is selling. Please refer to the product description for more detail. Installation is easy and you don't need any additional software or drivers. You can directly plug E1750 Modem with SIM card into the USB port of your tablet pc or laptop.

    Plug & Play
    Supports the WCDMA and EDGE network
    HSDPA data transfer speed up to 7.2Mbps
    HSUPA date transfer speed up to 5.76Mbps

    Manufacturer specifications:
    EDGE/GPRS/GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    Supports PC voice (optional) and SMS services
    Supports data statistics
    Micro SD card reader (up to 4GB)
    Supporst Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Mac Operating Systems
    Size Dimensions: 70.1×25.6×11.6mm

    Package list:
    1 x Huawei E1750
    1 x user manual

    NOTICE: Ankaka sends out "HuaWei E1750" in different kinds of colors and shapes randomly. If you look at your item carefully, you will see the "E1750" Mark. Some comes with the "Safaricom" mark, which is a kind of customized HuaWei E1750 when Safaricom and Huawei are offering the item  together as a cooperation brand. Some come with other kinds of marks but they are all the same item.

    Ankaka are selling these customized units because they are unlocked and ready for you to use.


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    hi, I would like to check if huawei e1750 support PIPO U8 TABLET? [ANKAKA REPLIED]The item has no logo.

    2013-10-12 06:42:55 bardia

    Will it work with Ainol Novo 7 AuroraII?[ANKAKA REPLIED]It will work with Ainol Novo 7 AuroraII.

    2012-09-11 16:17:39 Don Benoit

    is it compatible with the android 4 based novo7 paladin [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes.

    2012-02-03 17:01:45 ali

    A good many valaubels you've given me.

    2011-08-21 21:23:41 Shirley

    If I purchase Safaricom Huawei E1750: 7.2Mbps HSPA USB 3G Dongle Modem to use in the United States with my Flytouch 3 will there be any monthly charges or a 1 time fee of 39.99? If I need a 3G sim card will there be a monthly charge for that? I now have US Cellular aircard 3G service. Once I plug my 3G aircard into my flytouch I am not given an option of 3G to select. I can select mobile networks, serch networks or select automaticly but after doing so I'm told "Error while searching for networks". Please help. Thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED]You only needs to pay for the 3g signal monthly. Pls kindly note that our flytouch 3 tablet only supports external 3g connection via 3g modem dongles. Pls email for the instruction for 3g connection.

    2011-08-17 15:05:38 Beth

    I have buy this dongle for my Apad A8 Android but don't work! Can you help me? Thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls follow the steps below to operate: menu- 3g- open 3g dongle. The tablet will recognize the 3g dongle itself. If not, pls email for the video instruction and include your order number.

    2011-08-05 13:04:31 Antonio

    hello what is a dongle like dose it basicly provide my device with internet service and if so do i have to pay for the service can you please explain? [ANKAKA REPLIED]This dongle is unlocked and you can use it directly in your country. It needs to work with a 3g sim card to support internet connection.

    2011-06-12 02:15:43 taylor

    Do you have to have a subscription [ANKAKA REPLIED]NO, our Huawei E1750 are unlocked and ready for you to use.

    2011-04-21 20:13:29 Parks

    may i know if it works on upad? do i need any extra configuration? It can be used in singapore? [ANKAKA REPLIED]This product is almost the universal dongle right now. It can be use to connect the tablet and sim card directly. It matches with EDGE/GPRS/GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

    2011-04-16 08:47:51 mich

    hi, I would like to check if huawei e1750 support android os? I just bought a pc tablet running on android and currently I have a huawei e1550 3g dongle modem. however, when I plug it in, the tablet don't seems to detect it. So I would like to check if there is any driver needed to install. Thanks in advance for the kind help. [ANKAKA REPLIED]YES, huawei e1750 support android os. You need to have a check whether your tablet supports 3g connection with this dongle first. Tks!

    2011-03-17 08:38:29 Lilian