Road Emperor - 2 DIN Car DVD Player with 3G Internet,GPS, DVB-T

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    Road Emperor - In Dash Car DVD With 3G Internet (2DIN GPS DVB-T)

    • Surf the 3G Internet
    • Surf WIFI Internet
    • High definition 7 inch touchscreen
    • GPS navigator
    • DVB-T receiver
    • Free 2GB SD card included
    • Evaluation Europe GPS maps
    • Dual zone functionality
    • Picture in picture
    • Customize background pic
    • Music: MP3 / WMA / EAAC+ / AC3
    • Video: H.264, MPEG 4, Real Video 8/9/10

    If performance matters most and money is no object then we invite you to complete your automobile with The Road Emperor car DVD player.

    Truth be told, to call The Road Emperor a mere car DVD player is gross understatement indeed. Akin to calling a samurai sword just a blade or a CheyTac M-200 Intervention just a gun. Closer then and let us take a peek under the hood of this impressive in-car system and: Prepare. To. Be. Amazed.

    Because you want what others cannot have: There's a very specific reason why the AFY-C96 is called The Road Emperor. It rules. What other car DVD player allows you access to the 3G internet? Simply insert your WCDMA 3G sim card into a 3G dongle (like our ATQ-K124), launch the web browser and you've got access to lightning fast internet in your car. Stream audio (,, and come to mind) or watch web video on The Road Emperor's high definition 7 inch touchscreen.

    Alternatively if your vehicle is near a hotspot, access the Internet through The Road Emperor's wifi dongle (included). Just imagine it...cruising the streets at dusk, the weather ideally idyllic, the time of day where imagination takes hold to whisper of the wonderful possibilities within reach, some downtempo lounge or some livelier vocal trance streaming through your speakers...and you've got strangely decadent places to go and decadently beautiful people to see.

    The BOB principle: Because it's not enough to simply exist we arrive at the BOB principle. To be the best of the best. Accordingly, at the heart of The Road Emperor is a performance addicted Telechips tcc8900 CPU. Korean tech giant Telechips is a leading microprocessor maker for automotive multimedia units and the tcc8900 is their brilliant brainchild. The "89" houses a 500MHz ARM11 core and a separate ARM Mali 200MHz graphic processing unit. And like all great technologies, synergy dictates that the whole is far more than the sum of its parts. A dedicated GPU allows picture in picture graphics to soar and 1080p videos to scream such that 500MHz plus 200MHz definitely add up to more than 700MHz, which is especially useful when you're running top of the line GPS software or watching streaming high definition discreet entertainment in the privacy of your automobile.

    Architect of your own destiny: They say the type of car you drive speaks volumes about the type of person you are. To that end we'd like to suggest that the type of in-car system you install in that said same car could very well determine your destiny. Are you simply content with basic living or do you want it all? If you answered the former then jolly good. There's nothing wrong with lack of ambition. The world still does require waiters and doormen in droves. But. If you aspire for more from life, from yourself, from your car, then The Road Emperor replete with 3G and WIFI internet, dual encoding DVB-T receiver, advanced GPS functionality, a truly superior media player, and so much more was designed especially for you.

    • Primary Function: Portable Solar Charger and Battery
    • Solar Panel Type: Polycrystalline
    • Charging Time (From empty to full)
    • - AC: Approx 3-4 hrs
      - Solar: Approx 8-12 hrs
    • Battery Capacity: 3.7V 12,000 mAh
    • Solar Panel Capacity: 17V, 300 mAh
    • Output (V/A): USB (5V/700mA), mini USB (5.5V/700mA), 9V/1A, 11.1V/2A, 12V/3A, 16V/3A, 19V/3A
    • Output Max Wattage: 70W
    • Input (V): 14V
    • Input (A): 1500mA max
    • Charge Voltage: 100~240V AC, 50/60 Hz
    • Working Temperature: -10 ~ +50 deg C
    • Dimensions: 350mm x 170mm x 50mm (L x W x D, folded)
    • Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS

    Product Notes

    • High capacity - 12,000 mAh
    • Recharge battery through included wall AC adapter, or solar energy
    • Includes 8 Laptop Adapters to work with most laptop models, including SAMSUNG, TOSHIBA, DELTA, ACER, LITEON, NEC, IBM, ASUS, DELL, COMPAQ/HP.
    • 5 other adapters that work with digital products

    Package List
    • Road Emperor car DVD
    • Remote control
    • Free 2GB SD card included (contains evaluation GPS software)
    • 54 Mbps 802.11b/g WIFI dongle
    • Magnetic GPS antenna (3m wire)
    • Magnetic DVB - T antenna (3m wire)
    • Mounting frame
    • Metal fasteners and screws
    • iPod and USB cable
    • User manual - English

    Frequently Asked Questions
    • Can I surf the net on this unit?
      Accessing the internet on The Road Emperor is a truly amazing experience especially at 3G speeds!
    • You mentioned that the screen resolution for this unit is 800 x 480 pixels versus conventional car DVD player systems which are 480 x 234 resolution. In plain English, what does that do for me?
      Well think about it like this. Remember when you used to use those chunky old cathode ray tube computer monitors. That's like existing car DVD systems. Then they came out with those really thin LCD monitors where the picture was brilliant like Albert Einstein? That's the Road Emperor!
    • I have a 4th generation iPod, will it work with this Car DVD Player?
      It should. This model was tested with multiple generation iPods and worked fine with all the original Apple models we tested.
    • Does this cool in - car total solution support the Greek language?
      While the main menu system does not support the Greek language, the DVB - T system does however support the Greek language. What's more, if your GPS software comes in Greek then the GPS "Voice" and "Text" will be in Greek. Most popular GPS software titles come in a variety of languages. As for media playback with Greek subtitles, we suggest you download free software from the web to hardsub your Greek subtitles to your AVI files for video playback.
    • Is the magnetic base of the GPS antenna strong enough to be placed on a moving car?
      Yes, the antenna comes with a very powerful magnet. It'll stay stuck on despite the rockiest ride.
    • What GPS software comes with this car navigation powerhouse? Is it Route 66?
      Testing software always changes, so even we can't say in advance what software you'll be getting. It's an evaluation copy anyway so therefore purchasing your own GPS software is encouraged.
    • Seriously, why should I buy the Road Emperor over other car DVD players?
      Do a google search for 3G internet car DVD players. If you happen to find one (good luck), compare its price with The Road Emperor. We're sure you'll see why the Road Emperor is a winner hands down.


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