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Remote-Controlled License Plate Privacy Cover (Europe Edition)

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    Remote-Controlled License Plate Privacy Cover (Europe Edition)

    When it comes to avoiding your license plate from being spied on, don't rely on a flimsy glare-inducing spray that only works at precise angles! There are countless reports of those not working, anyway. Why not a solution that can switch between a normally exposed license plate, and one that can cover itself at the click of a button?
    With the License Plate Privacy Cover, you are guaranteed protection from the traffic cameras, as well as cops on this lookout for suspicious setups. That's right, it looks completely discrete when not in use, since it has a slick motorized operation! Just use the wireless remote control to switch between covered and uncovered, and you're ready to hit the streets!


    • Fits perfectly with European license plates
    • Conceal your license from cameras!
    • Fast-moving- the cover slides up/down in 2 seconds
    • High-quality weather-proof materials
    • When something obstructs the cover from moving, the indicate light flashes immediately. That suggests that the car license plate frame needs attention.

    Manufacturer Specification

    • Power Consumption:2W
    • powered by car 12V DC power
    • Ascend/ descend time:2 seconds
    • Control distance:about 50M


    • Both frames are covered, both indicate light turns blue.
    • Only front frame is covered, Indicate light "A" turns blue.
    • Only back frame is covered, indicate light "B" turns blue.

    Installation Instructions

    • Use the screws that we collocate to fix the frames on both front and back license plate
    • Pull the connect cables from the left or right hidden cable channels into the Cab.
    • Put the control box in the right hand side of the driver's cabin .
    • When something obstructs the cover from moving, the indicate light flashes immediately. That suggests that the car license plate frame needs attention.

    Package List

    • 2x License Plate Covers
    • 2X Connector Cables
    • 1x Remote Control
    • 1x Dashboard Indicator

    Notes from Ankaka

    It is the customer's responsibility to properly observe local traffic laws. We take no responsibility for the misuse of this product.


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    Hi When will this item be in stock ? None of your shipping cost / enquiry and shipping payment work. Does this price include your countries tax and does it get deducted from the price so we pay our rate in SA? What would the price for 4 plates be and costs delivered to JHB? Thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please refer to the below link for information.http://www.ankaka.com/page.html?id=24

    2014-02-12 14:00:42 Victor

    When will you have stock of this item? Do you ship to South Africa? Thank you! [ANKAKA REPLY]We do not have the item in stock. Please go to our website for more of what you like.

    2013-12-03 10:42:20 Johan

    I interested for buying these plates. Let me know the dimensions please as my plates are 52cm x 11.5cm .. [ANKAKA REPLIED]The size of this plate is 53*14*2.5cm.

    2011-10-04 12:05:45 yazeed

    Hello! You agree to pay paypal? Send goods to Russia and how much to pay? Thank you! [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls refer to the site below for our payment policy: http://www.ankaka.com/page.html?id=19 We send worldwide. Pls follow the steps below to know the specific total amount: 1.Go to: http://www.ankaka.com/remotecontrolled-license-plate-privacy-cover-europe-edition_p46796.html 2.Click "Add to Cart" You will then be taken to the Shopping Cart page. 3.Scroll down to Estimate Shipping Costs. 4.Select your country in the drop-down menu. 5.Your estimated shipping cost will be displayed.

    2011-06-22 02:07:46 Denis

    Хочу приобрести рамку для гос.номера для авто.

    2011-01-17 14:31:29 Анатолий

    Hello, I am Chris interested in buying these plates. Let me know the dimensions please as my plates are 52cm x 11.5cm. Please also let me know the cost [ANKAKA REPLIED] Thank you for your inquiry. The dimensions and cost are as described.

    2010-10-14 01:58:07 Christopher Calleja