Red USB Warming/Heating Slippers - Red Bird

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    Red USB Warming/Heating Slippers - Red Bird

    Do you want to keep your feet warm in such cold weather while surfing the net, watching movies on your computer, chatting with your friends, playing videos games or reading a book?  Well, this USB warming or heating slippers would be your choice to keep your cold feet warm and comfy!

    With its comfortable foam cushion and heating pad, other than is pleasant to have them on, it also helps to reduce stress on your feet.  These slippers are size 40 (9.5inches), however, it fits for sizes that are a little larger or smaller as well.  The USB cord is about 56 inches long, no additional software needed to start, just plug it in the USB connection, and your feet would be warm in no time.  Besides, it can be plugged into any devices that have USB connections, truly convenient.   

    The USB warming/heating slippers are washable, simply unzip the zippers in the slippers, take out both the heating pad and foam cushion, and then wash them either by hand or machine wash when you think they are ready to be cleaned.   Because it is soft, comfy and warm, for sure you will adore these slippers.  So order them now for your special ones and have them enjoy the warmness of the cold weather!   

    -Comfortable and warm in cold environment
    -Foam cushion and heating pad
    -Use in any USB Port
    -Easy to clean/wash
    -Perfect gift for special ones  

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Color: Red
    Power: USB
    Cable Length: 56 inches (1422mm)
    Size: 40 (9.5 inches)

    Package List:
    1 x Red USB Warming/Heating Slippers with built in USB cable- Red Bird


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