Rechargeable 1.5V AA & AAA Alkaline Battery Charger and Tester

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    Rechargeable  1.5V AA & AAA Alkaline Battery Charger and Tester

    As for the color, it will be sent in option depending onthe color we have in stock.

    Note: As for the product color, there are both black and white. It will be sent at random depending on the product in stock.


    • Battery Charger:
      - Charge non-rechargeable batteries
      - Suitable for 1.5V (AA, AAA) types
      - LED indicators
      - Ergonomic Design
      - Easy to use
    • Battery Tester:
      - Clear LCD display for easy-to-read power levels
      - Suitable for 1.5V (AA, AAA, C or D type), 9V (PP3 type) and 1.5V button cells
      - No power source needed
      - Chart on the back of battery tester
      - Built-in on-load resistor for accurate results

    Package List:

    1x Battery Charger
    1x Battery Tester

    This battery charger is engineered to reactivate and charge disposable batteries such as Alkaline and recharge NiCd, Ni


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