Quantum Leap 7 Inch Touch Screen Car Media System - Region free DVD player

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    Quantum Leap 7 Inch Touch Screen Car Media System - Region free DVD player
    Third edition of our popular C14, 2-DIN 7 Inch Touch Screen Car Media System, theQuantum Leaphas all the features you love in our car audio/video multimedia players, but takes out the GPS and DVB-T functions to give you the best factory-direct price possible!

    TheQuantum Leapcomes with a DVD+CD+VCD player, SD card slot, USB connection, iPod connection, and Bluetooth connectivity to keep you entertained and networked wherever the road takes you. Pretty soon, you'll actually start looking forward to traffic jams and rush hour because it will give you a chance to catch up on your favorite music!

    This is the car audio and video system your car has been waiting for! TheQuantum Leapcomes with everything you'll ever need from a car media system to keep you and your passengers entertained for hours. First and foremost, you have access to a powerful DVD disk player that can play DVD's from regions zero through nine. In other words, this car DVD system is region free and is able to play DVDs from any country. What's more, you can play VCD's, SVCD's, and all your CD's too. Even that Don Henley signed copy of the Best of the Eagles!

    If you download media from the Internet, you're taken care of as well. Throw those TV shows, dramas, animes, and movies on a SD card or USB thumb drive and attach it to this baby! It handles the web's most popular video and audio file formats like AVI, MP4, and MP3 with ease. You might also try hooking up your MP4 player to theQuantum Leapthrough the USB port or better yet, heighten your driving pleasure with access your complete music collection by attaching your iPod to this car media system. Mile after mile, song after song, if your wife asks you where you were all night, blame it on the car DVD system!

    Because of its 2-DIN size (100mm tall), the CVGX-C14-1GEN comes with a sweet 7 inch LCD touch screen and a simple user interface for easy access to its rich array of functions. Combining design excellence and innovative technology, this new car multimedia system makes a winning upgrade to any personal or company vehicle. Of special note is Bluetooth functionality which allows you to pair your cell phone to this unit. Once done, you have the ability to talk to your caller through the built-in MIC and hear them your car speaker system. Be connected to those that matter and still keep your focus on the road for a safe drive!

    With a really affordable wholesale price, this is the perfect DIY weekend project. Order one for yourself and when you find out how good it is, you can re-order more for the resale market. This model is available exclusively to our customer base, only from the leader in direct wholesale electronics, Ankaka.

    • Region free DVD player
    • 7 inch touchscreen
    • The perfect upgrade for any car model, old or new
    • Bluetooth connectivity for safer calling on the road
    • Plays all popular disc and digital media file types

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • Primary Function: 2-DIN 7 Inch Touch Screen Car Multimedia System
    • Discs: DVD, CD, VCD, CD-R/RW, CD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW
    • Formats Played:
      - Video Formats: AVI, DIVX, MP4
      - Audio Formats: MP3, WMA
      - Picture Formats: JPEG, GIF
    • External Memory:
      USB Drive: YES (max 8 GB)
      TF/ MicroSD Card: YES (max 4 GB)
    • Operation: Touch screen or remote control
    • Display Information
      - Screen: 7 Inch TFT LCD
      - Aspect Ratio: 16:9, 4:3
      - Resolution: 800x480
    • - Angle: 0 to 90 (motorized sliding display panel)
      - Video Systems: PAL, NTSC, AUTO
    • Audio Information:
      - Max Audio Output: 45W x 4
      - Signal-To-Noise Ratio (SNR): >85dB
      - User adjustable EQ, Bass, Treble, Fade and Balance
    • TV Tuner Information:
      -TV Type: Analog
      -Color Systems: PAL, NTSC, SECAM
    • Front Panel Controls:
      - Power ON/OFF
      - IR
      - Decrease Volume
      - Increase Volume
      - MIC
      - Tuning Down
      - PAL/NTSC
      - Tuning Up
      - Reset
      - Radio Band Switch
      - Mode Button
      - Mute
      - Panel Open/Close
    • Media Inputs:
      - SD/MMC card slot
      - DVD/CD disc slot
      - Mini USB input (front)
    • Bluetooth Functions:
      - Pair with phone - then use touchscreen interface
      - Dial, Answer, Stop Call
      - Call History
      - Volume Control
      - Touchscreen Keypad
    • AM/FM Tuner:
      - AM Frequency Range: 522~1620KHz (worldwide)
      - FM Tuning Range: 87.5~108.0MHz (worldwide)
      - RDS System: YES
    • Primary AV Cables/Wires:
      - Rearview Camera IN
      - Aux-Video IN
      - Aux-R IN
      - Aux-L IN
      - Video OUT x2
      - RCA Audio OUT x2 (front L and R)
      - RCA Audio OUT x2 (rear L and R)
      - Left front speaker x2
      - Right front speaker x2
      - Left rear speaker x2
      - Right rear speaker x2
      - iPod Connection
      - Subwoofer
    • Dimensions: L:162 x W:178 x H:100 (mm): Length with front panel = 181 (mm)
    • OSD Languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WholesaleNH6O9AHY9EF7

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Connect your iPod to listen to your iLife music collection on your car's stereo system
    • The USB port is a great way to hook up your portable media player with your car entertainment center
    • Wonder if you can really do it yourself? Check this out -Information On Installing A Car DVD Player

    Package List for Model CVGX-C14-1GEN

    • Car Multimedia Player
    • Remote Control with battery included
    • USB Extension Cable
    • Stylus
    • Ipod Cable
    • Mounting Hardware
    • Users Manual - English

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • On some car DVD systems whenever I try to insert or remove an SD card, the screen goes back up too quickly. What can be done about this?
      The CVGX-C14-1GEN uses a slightly different approach to screen raising or lowering. If you press on the eject / angle button it will raise or lower depending on your previous instructions. If you press and hold, the screen will raise or lower fully, so you have full control of how you want the unit to respond.
    • You mentioned that this product is compatible with iPods. Will my iPod Nano work with it?
      We tested iPod compatibility using a 3rd generation iPod Nano 4GB.
    • When the DVD is playing I have trouble accessing the menu. What can be done?
      The secret to menu access is to remember that by touching the video playing portion of the screen you bring up the menu. If you tap outside of the video area you adjust the screen.
    • Your car DVD players are great, but the user manuals could use some improvement. Any solutions there?
      This is one of the best car DVD players we've tested, but more surprisingly the user manual is great too. We're sure you'll find it very helpful.
    • Does this cool in-car total solution support the Greek language?
      No, this unit does not support the Greek language.

      This product was added to our catalog on Monday 24 August, 2009.


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    has it got TV function? [ANKAKA REPLIED] It can support TV function. Pls pay attention to the TV Type: Analog. Tks!

    2011-03-02 18:31:21 Yeli