Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor - LED Display

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    Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor

    • Oximeter
    • Measure SPo2 level
    • Measure Heart rate p/m
    • LED display, simple and effective
    • Excellent for high altitudes sports

    This portable Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor is a battery operated pulse oximeter that also displays your heart rate. IT measures the saturated level of oxygen in your blood using photoplethysmography, and measures your heart beat per minute by optically obtained plethysmograph which illuminates the skin and measures changes in light absorption.

    To use this Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor, just insert your finger like the diagram indicated below*, then press the power button and the Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor will display your heart beat p/m, the percentage of oxygen in your blood and also displays an LED indicator bar that increases and decreases by syncing with the rhythm of your heart beat. The bar graph serves the purpose of letting you know if you've got a weak or strong hear based on the level of the graph. You get all this without needing to go to the hospital, see a doctor or have any invasive procedure.

    This Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor is suitable for physicians, home doctors (mom), medical students, healthcare workers, athletes, pilots, community sports centers etc. Demand for a lightweight, inexpensive monitor for measuring SPO2 oxygen saturation and heart rate during physically active sports and high-altitude activities is in huge demand, so we present this Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor at a wholesale price and directly available to B2C and B2B consumers.

    This Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor is brought to you by the leaders in wholesale consumer electronics ankaka. Click "Add to Cart" now, and we'll express ship you a sample straight away, and within a few days, you'll be able to start seeing you hear rate p/m and measuring blood SPo2 levels.

    Manufacturers Specification

    • Primary Function: Finger Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor
    • Color: Blue, White
    • External Material: Hard Moulded ABS Plastic
    • Display mode: LED display
    • SPO2: 35 - 99%
    • Pulse Ratio: 30 - 250BPM
    • Resolution: 1% for SPO2, 1BPM for pulse ratio
    • Accuracy: +/- 2% (70% - 99%), unspecified (<70%) for SPO2, +/- 2BPM or +/- 2% (select larger) for pulse ratio.
    • Power Requirements: Two AAA alkaline batteries (Not Included)
    • Battery consumption: Two AAA 1.5V, 600mAh alkaline batteries can be continuously used as long as 30 hours
    • Optical Sensor: Red Light wavelength 660nm, Infrared wavelength 880nm
    • Operating Temp: 0-50 Centigrade
    • Storage Temp: -10 - +60 Centigrade
    • Storage Humidity: 10% - 95% RH
    • Dimension: L:58 x W:32 x H: 34 (mm)
    • Certification: CE, FCC, RoHs
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WHOLESALEQIF753KUF07H

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Low Battery indication
    • Can measure SPO2 and PR accurately
    • Compact size, light, and convenient to carry
    • SPO2 and PR display, and bar graph display
    • Power off automatically when no signal after 5 seconds
    • Integrated with SPO2 probe and processing display module
    • Interference resistance capacity against ambient light and measurement performance at low perfusion
    • Note: This finger pulse oximeter will NOT monitor SPO2 during active movement. You must stop the your current activity and take the reading while in a stationary position

    Package List for Model - ALT-H37

    • Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor
    • Carry on bag
    • Strap holder
    • User Manual - English

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • What is a photoplethysmograph?
      A photoplethysmograph is an optically obtained plethysmograph, which is a volumetric measurement of an organ. This is often obtained by using a pulse oximeter which illuminates the skin and measures changes in light absorption and monitors the perfusion of blood to the dermis and subcutaneous tissue of the skin. (To learn more about the wonders and processes on how photoplethysmography work, please visithttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photoplethysmograph.
    • What is a Pulse Oximeter?
      A pulse oximeter is a medical device that indirectly measures the oxygen saturation of a patient's blood (as opposed to measuring oxygen saturation directly through a blood sample) and changes in blood volume in the skin, producing a photoplethysmography.

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