Professional 4-in-1 Wide Range Security Alarm System

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    Professional 4-in-1 Wide Range Security Alarm System

    Professional 4-in 1 Wide Range Security Alarm System comes with LED keypad, controlling 8 zones through microcomputer or programming through keypad.  For example, emergency soft zone: chirp buzzing warning; fire soft zone: pulsed intermittent warning and police soft zone: steady warning.  This security alarm system is compatible with a wide range of detection device.  With built-in lighting proof circuits, it includes automatic dialing mobile phone in accident to alarm though no recording function, automatic dialing pager to alarm upon emergency and access police reporting center when there is an emergency!  

    Besides, its programming steps are pretty simple.  Caller number, receiving call number, address code, password, delay alarm time, arming or disarming way can be set at users’ preferences.  Then use 16AWG green jacketed solid-conductor wire to connect ground wire from box-door hinge to ground.  All outputs are power limited.  If programmed for EOL or supervised loop, the 2.2K ohm EOL resistor must be at the end of circuit.  Please be careful that incorrect wiring connections may lead to circuit damage.  

    Arming or disarming by entering password on keypad.  Remember that the initialize installer password is 012345, master password is 1234, and arming type is goof-goof.  Timing wise, entry time is 60 seconds and pre-warning, exit time is 30 seconds and pre-warning, then bell time is 5 minutes.  

    In addition, this device is powered by 12V DC, 6.5 Ah sealed lead-acid battery, and its current are 350mA maximum, 250mA with keypad; ideally you need to replace the battery every 3 to 5 years.  Order this Professional Alarm System from Ankaka now at this great price to keep your place safe and sound!

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    **Key Pad Specifications**
    Automatic dialer
    Control panels with programmable zones
    Three 18 digit phone numbers at most for digital communicator
    Dual classified or backup reporting style
    8 number of zones
    Fully programmable hardwired zones
    Support master code, user code, installation code, guest code for various purposes
    Message formats: 3/1 extended, 4/2, cfskiii, 4+2 ademco and so on
    Power supply: AC 16.5V, class 2 transformer
    Standby battery: 12V, 6.5Ah sealed lead-acid battery, such as Intellisense Model 1265
    Dimension: 16.3cm x 11cm x 2.7cm

    **Infrared Detector Specifications**
    Adopts solid relay with long usage, non-contact, low voltage and little power consumption
    Adopts offset parabola highly accurate optical focusing mirror
    Full function checking, self-adaption in environment and trouble locking
    Patented balanced checking, unique digital filtering
    Two group of individual fine tuner, built-in optical collimating mirror
    Unique DSP chip, patented multi-dimensional mistake-corrective code, true detection alarm technology
    Unique displacing receiving, transmitting parts with big power, power surplus rate reaches 90%
    Wired system and BUS system compatible, holographic spot real-time report
    Alarm Output-bus: MA bus across wave carrier model
    Alarm Output: NC&NO, contact rating AV/DC, 30V/0.5A
    Beams: 2
    Indoor Distance: 180M
    Outdoor Distance: 60M
    Optical Source: Infrared Digital Pulse Mode
    Optical Source: Digital Infrared Pulse
    Response Speed: 50 ~ 700ms
    Bus Output: RS-485
    Operation Humidity: 5% ~ 95%
    Operation Temperature: -25 ~ 60 degrees Celsius
    Vertical Adjustment Axis: +/- 10 degrees
    Level Adjustment Axis: 180 +/- 90 degrees
    Voltage: DC 13.8 - 24V, AC 11 - 18V
    Crust Material: PC resin tin metal
    Remark: The end with "B" is BUS output system

    **Siren Horn Specifications**
    ABS plastic cabinet
    Can be widely used
    Electronic siren with high quality
    Provides loud sound
    Acoustic Pressure: 115 +/- 3 (dB/m)
    Bracket: iron stand, black color
    Color: Black
    Operating Voltage: 12V DC
    Sound: 1-tone
    Working Power: 15W
    Dimension: 10.4cm x 10.2cm

    Package Lists:
    1 x Professional 4-in-1 Wide Range Security Alarm System
    1 x 2 Infrared Detectors
    1 x Siren Horn


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    Does this item has telephone support for arming and dissarmin the system also for alarm activating paging?? Does it have PC support?? And also does it support wireless sensors?? Best regards [ANKAKA REPLIED] It does not support mobile phone,PC and sensor.

    2013-02-19 03:01:35 Goran