Portable Wireless Tap Detector: Detect Video Camera and Audio Bug

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    Portable Wireless Tap Detector:  Detect Video Camera and Audio Bug

    You firstly turn the knob. Then this Wireless Tap Detector will start working to find hidden cameras and other devices that are currently transmitting over radio frequencies. Tracking is made much easier with the ability to fine tune (even in noisy areas) and with the display of 10 LED indicators, which show you exactly how close you're getting.


    Wireless Tap Detector
    10 Level LED Indicator
    Sound and LED Light Alarm
    Small and Portable
    Manufacturer Specifications

    Detection: Wireless Video Camera and Audio Bug
    Detection Frequency: 1 MHZ-8000 MHZ, Primary Detection Range 20 MHz-6000 MHz, Detecting Dynamic Range: >70Db
    Coverage Area: 10-20 Meters
    Indicate Mode: 10 Level LED Bar Graph (With Increasing Sound Alert)
    Power Source: 9V Battery (Included)
    Usage Time: 120 minutes
    Main product dimensions: 120x62x23mm (L x W x D)

    Package Lists:

    1XWireless Tap Detector
    1XEnglish User Manual


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