Portable Laser Projector (Red and Green) - Sound Activate

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    Portable Laser Effects Projector with Sound Activation (Red and Green)


    • Red and Green Laser Effects Projector
    • Automatic and Sound Activation Mode
    • Dozens of pre-programmed design patterns!
    • Portable, yet powerful

    Fun and easy to use, this Portable Laser Effects Projector displays beautiful red and green laser light designs that will get the party started instantly!

    Instant fun: Nothing is easier to use and faster to set up when you instantly want an amazing light show to dazzle guests or set the mood. With various amazing red/green laser designs and patterns, this Portable Laser Effects Projector is perfect for discos, clubs, KTVs, pubs, bars, and even home parties. In automatic mode, users can just sit back and watch the show, but...

    Move with the music: With its sound activation feature, this Portable Laser Effects Projector can intelligently change its color/pattern to match the beat of the music! How? Just set your stereo system nearby and the projector's mic will pick up nearby music vibrations, so if you turn up the noise the laser will respond in style!

    Use anywhere: This Laser Effects Projector comes with a very handy mounting bracket that allows it to be mounted on walls and ceilings and is easily adjustable to be aimed at anywhere in the room. Just turn it on and watch the party come to life, and when you're done, the small frame will allow you to easily store it in a drawer or desk until your next event.

    Dazzle the crowd with amazing lighting effects at an even more amazing wholesale price! The Portable Laser Effects Projector with Sound Activation is available in our warehouse now, so order today and we'll ship it out tomorrow. Brought to you by Ankaka, the leader in wholesale electronics and LED gadgets.


    • Color: Fuchsia
    • Material: Heavy gauge all - metal casing
    • Control Type: Automatic / Sound Activated
    • Laser Type: Class IIIA Laser
    • Laser Wavelength: Green = 532nm/50mW, Red = 660nm/100mw
    • Maximum Distance: ~25 meters
    • Dimensions: L:136 x W:97 H:93 (mm)
    • Power Source: Wall Adapter 85 - 250V, 50 - 60Hz

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Various unique patterns and designs
    • Great for home and office parties
    • Easy to operate and simple to install
    • The AGF - LT25 is not a child's toy and should only be used by adults
    • Avoid direct eye contact with the laser

    Package List

    • Laser Effects Projector
    • User Manual
    • Mounting Accessories
    • Tripod Stand
    • Free Travel Adapter (for UK, AU, NA, SA customers)

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • Does this Portable Laser Effects Projector with Sound Activation come with a remote control?
      There is no need for a remote control with this laser projector. The laser projector comes with a switch located at the rear where automatic or sound activation can be selected.
    • What type of music does the sound activation function work with?
      Any! The projector will detect changes in beat/rhythm, but is best used with loud dance or hiphop music.
    • Sound activation isn't working, nothing is happening?
      Make sure it is on sound activation mode instead of auto. Also, make sure the music is being played near the mic on the front of the unit.

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