Portable Handheld UV Sterilizer for Home and Industrial Appliances

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    Portable Handheld UV Sterilizer for Home and Industrial Appliances


    This is a cordless and hand held sterilizer using high frequency UV Light to provide optimum sterilization and can kill 99% of all bacteria and viruses within a few seconds. Bacteria and viruses which can be killed include E coli, Bacillus Subtilis, Staphylococcus Aureus, Hepatitis and Influenza virus. It can be used over telephones, tooth brushes, mattresses, baby bottles, keyboards, kitchen utensils (including cutting boards and knives) and even toys! Ultraviolet radiation can also eliminate peculiar smells. In 20 seconds, it can effectively kill 99.9% of all bacteria, fungi and dust mites, viruses etc. Ultraviolet radiation does not damage any other materials and will not leave any chemical residue. This product can be used with the included DC 6V adapter or 4xAA batteries (not included). There are unlimited potential uses for this product in households, hospital, healthcare industries, and the home.

    Kills up to 99.9% of germs & bacteria in 30 seconds
    Long life UV light which never needs replacing
    Safety switch design prevent children usages
    Protection cover design can prevent the tube from being broken (SG-152)
    For carpets, mattresses, computer, telephones , kitchen utensils  and other upholstery, hold the UV-C light wand above the surface for approximately 20 seconds
    In only 5 minutes, can kill and drive away dust mite
    With LCD Display, can set up working time(10 seconds-30 minutes)
    Various approval adapter available (UL GS PSE BS Etc.)

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Power source: 4xAA batteries  
    Power consumption: 4W   
    Tube life: ≥8000hrs   
    Working temperature: 0-50℃  
    UV strength: ≥3500μW   
    Ozone density: ≥0.01ppm ≤0.05ppm
    Product size: 300(L)X42(W)X37(H)mm

    Package List:
    1x Portable Handheld UV Sterilizer for Home and Industrial Appliances
    1x User Manual


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