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Popping Eyes Skull Shaped Telephone - Black

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    Popping Eyes Skull Shaped Telephone - Black

    How often do you come across something like this - the Popping Eyes Skull Shaped Telephone? By looking at its creative design gives you the sense of ancient time, totally stands out and presents itself differently compares to normal home telephones. This phone is corded, so any old telephone cables should be suitable. When you try to make or pick up a call, simply lift the handle locates in the middle of the face, then the eyes of the skull would flash while it rings. Other than its ancient look, it contains some great functions like flash button for transferring calls, redialing button for last dialed numbers, and tone or pulse switch. Easy use, plus, is a bonus for the Halloween season.

    Manufacturer Specifications:

    Phone type: Corded

    Interface: RJ-11

    Size: 1cm x 13cm x 20cm

    Ankaka Wholesale Ref.: WOGINFKLHBF

    1 x Popping Eyes Skull Shaped Telephone - Black

    1 x English Manual



    Popping Eyes Skull Shaped Telephone— Black

    Novelty Popping Eyes Skull Shaped Telephone

    Popping Eyes Skull Shaped Telephone— Black

    Button can Flash when making or Receiving Calls

    Popping Eyes Skull Shaped Telephone - Black

    Compatible with Old Telephone Cables

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