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Parking Advance Pilot - Parking Sensor System with 3.5 Inch Monitor, 4 sensors and CMOS camera

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    Parking Advance Pilot - Parking Sensor System with 3.5 Inch Monitor, 4 sensors and CMOS camera


    Video car parking sensor with camera

    Multi-functional model,reverse mirror with camera,alarm distance can be displayed on 3.5" TFT monitor.

    Super slim embedded design

    Bi, Bi voice prompts at three levels

    Camera with 10m clear view,keep your car away from any obstacle.

    Parking sensor and camera can work at the same time,no need to transfer it through the button of rear mirror.

    This Parking Sensor system will help you to avoid those costly backup collisions that happen so easily

    Manufacturer Specifications

    Technical Parameter for 3.5 inch  monitor:
      Supply: DC12V
      TFT size: 3.5 inch,(4:3)
      Resolution: 320×240
      PAL/NTSC,Two video input
      Storage  :-30~+80

    Technical Parameter for parking system:
      Power output: 4W
      Voltage: DC 10-15V / 24V
      Buzzer volume: 80 db (max)
      Best detection distance: 0.3m - 2m
      Temperature: -40 Celsius - +80 Celsius.
    Detector type: drilling or stick-on

    While backing, the rear sensors detect obstacles behind the car automatically, rearview with camera for 10 metres view.
    Stage-by-stage Bi Bi sound alarm to avoid colliding,alarm distance displayed.

    Ankaka Wholesale Ref.:DDFGFJJGHHGJKGH

    Package List

    1 x 3.5 inch wide-view TFT monitor
    1 x Main control box
    4 x Parking sensor
    1 x Power cable
    1 x Rearview Camera
    2 x Hole Saw
    1 X English Manual

    Parking Advance Pilot - Parking Sensor System with 3.5

    3.5 Inch  Monitor Display

    Parking Advance Pilot - Parking Sensor System with 3.5

    Car Camera Parking Sensor

    Parking Advance Pilot - Parking Sensor System with 3.5

    Multiple-angle sensor detecting obstacle distance accurately


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