Worldwild Shipping & Taxes

Thanks to having all products in stock in our warehouse, Ankaka is one of the China's fastest dropship wholesalers.Successful Delivery is Guaranteed. Please click on the links below for details:

Shipping Speed

Total delivery time from completed payment to the time you (or your customer) receive the goods:

  • Express: DHL/UPS/FedEx/EMS/TNT/USPS/Royal Mail, 3-7 days, online tracking
  • Air Mail: 7-29 days, online tracking
Note: Order processing, warehouse picking, packing, and dispatch: one business day for orders up to 50pcs.

Tracking number will be emailed to you as soon as it is available. You do not need to ask for it.

Shipping Method

  • Express: Our system will automatically choose an air express courier (DHL/UPS/FedEx/EMS/TNT/USPS/Royal Mail) to offer you the best possible discount shipping fee based on your shipping address and the weight of the items.
  • Air Mail: Small orders can also be shipped inexpensively by Air Mail. This option will appear automatically in the checkout if your goods weight is less than 2KG.
  • Ship with your own courier: For bulk orders we can also arrange to make the goods available at our warehouse for your own forwarder to collect, or we can offer excellent freight rates for bulk air shipment or sea freight.

Only Air mail can Ship to APO Address/PO Box

If you have chosen Express, express couriers could not ship to APO address or PO Box. Only Air mail does.

So if you choose Express shipping method while the address you provide is APO address or PO Box, we will ask you to provide with us a normative address to make the shipment.

Or we will ship your order to you by Air mail if your order item is less than 2 KG.

Receiving Your Delivery

  • We guarantee your order will be delivered successfully.
  • Couriers require a signature from the recipient for delivery, ensuring a fast and secure way to have your products delivered.
  • It is essential you provide a full, accurate shipping address, and a valid delivery phone number. If you are drop-shipping, this means your customer's phone number.

Shipping Cost

Shipping costs depend on your destination and the quantity/weight of goods you are buying. We can ship any quantity of goods to any destination!
Instant online shipping quotes:
Use the checkout system to preview the shipping choices and prices for your individual order.
  • All our shipping fees are calculated automatically according to either the actual KG weight of the goods or the goods' dimensions, plus the delivery location.
  • The Air Waybill (formal shipping document) that accompanies your goods may show a weight that is less than shipping fee value quoted by Ankaka. This happens when the item is light but bulky, so the shipping fee is calculated by dimensions, not actual weight.
  • Pricing varies, dependant on the rates offered by different shipping companies and are subject to change without notice. We're constantly working to provide you with the lowest shipping prices possible!
  • All orders must be fully paid in advance, including shipping. Shipping charges are not refundable except in cases of failed delivery.
  • If a delivery is confirmed lost, stolen, or damaged before receipt, we will work with the courier directly to obtain information, and arrange a refund or re-delivery at no further expense to you.

Shipping Rates For Order Over 30 KG

  • Due to the frequent fluctuation in shipping fees, our system can only provide accurate calculation for orders that are under 30kg. For orders over 30kg, while the system can still automatically calculate your shipping costs, it is necessary for us to place a call with the shipping company to confirm the price, as they are subject to change quite often.
  • After we receive any order weighing more than 30kg, we will personally confirm the shipping costs with you to ensure that your satisfaction.


Custom Declaration

Statistically, well less than 1% of all Ankaka orders have ever been opened by Customs in the customers' destination countries.

Most countries, such as the USA, Australia and South Korea, allow free trade over the internet and will not charge any customs duty for small packages. This is because customs clearance is handled by the courier within the customers’ destination country, and Ankaka’s shipping team is experienced with providing correct shipping documentation and packaging.

However, in case you have special custom declaration for your order, please leave your instruction on the comment box during the checkout process. We will try to help you minimize potential duty. Please note that:

Declaring goods as a "sample"/"gift"makes no difference to the assessment of the value of the goods at Customs in the vast majority of countries worldwide.

Import Taxes for Big Order Issue

We do not add any additional charges or taxes in China.

However, big orders like more than one or two cartons, most customer destination customs apply strict tax/duty assessment. Please discuss with us about what kind of order will be considered as big order that may need to pay duty.

In such case, customers have two choices:

  • (1) Ankaka take care custom issue on your behalf.
  • If you have to pay any tax,  usually they are first paid at customs by the courier (e.g. DHL, FedEx, UPS) and then you simply pay back the courier using cash or your credit card, when they deliver the goods to your door.
  • (2) Or you can deal with the custom by yourself. You may want to hire a professional Customs Broker ( to assist with custom declaration in customer home country.

However, when there is a custom-hold issue

  • (1)You will notified by Ankaka of the issue. Then you will typically be required to communicate directly with the destination country’s custom, or contact it by your courier agency.
  • (2)The goods will be released in most of the cases. But it may be delayed ranging from 1 day to half of a year.

Ankaka will compensate you in the following situations

  • (1)The items are hold by China customs rather than the destination country's custom.
  • (2)The destination country's custom refused entry to the goods because of CE / FCC / Sisvel could not be supplied in time by Ankaka.
  • (3)A valid IPR issue. Please note that Ankaka never knowingly sells counterfeit products or anything that infringes intellectual property of any parties.

Ankaka will NOT compensate customers in the following situations

  • (1)Customers refused to accept applicable charges associated with the import procedure. Such charges may be import tax or fees resulting from custom re-assessment of the goods.
  • (2)If the items was hold because of import restrictions that are specific to the destination-country custom, e.g. restricted categories, FDA approval only, quotas, etc.
  • (3)If custom ask you to provide information but you fail to provide it in time and that result in customs refused entry to your goods.

Combine Shipments

  • In order to reduce your shipping price per item and the number of packages we need to send to you, we can combine multiple orders into the same shipment.
  • However, since combining shipments will change the shipping price and sometime is not easy to tweak orders, we recommend you just cancel the first order and place a new one if you want to add an item to your order to combine them and save on shipping.