How To Pay

There are 3 payment methods available, please click on the following links for details:

(1) Credit Card/Debit Card/ PayPal

(2) Bank Transfer

(3) West Union

(1) Credit Card/Debit Card/ PayPal

During the checkout process, when “Credit Card/Debit Card/ PayPal” is selected, you will see the below screen:

For USA Only: USA customers can use PayPal Credit, which is a PayPal service that gives Ankaka customers access to No Payments and No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more.

Do I Need To Have A PayPal Account?

Depending on your country, the checkout process may be different:
  • In many countries including the US, UK, and most of Europe, you can pay via the PayPal website, using your credit card or bank debit card, even if you don't sign up/ log in to a PayPal account.
  • In other countries, you have to create a PayPal account, and login, before you can complete payments by PayPal. This is designed to enhance security and prevent credit card fraud.

We have no access to your confidential financial information

PayPal is an intermediary in the payment process:
  • You order using the system.
  • You pay money directly to PayPal.
  • PayPal passes the payment to Ankaka.

Ankaka does not bill your credit card or bank account directly, and we have no access to your confidential financial information. On your credit card bill or bank account you will see the charge noted as "PayPal", although the billing note may also mention "Ankaka".

Here are more important notes about PayPal:

  • PayPal is suitable for any purchase at, up to a limit of $3000 USD for most countries.
  • PayPal customer support is notoriously slow and often not that helpful. If you have any queries about a PayPal payment to Ankaka, you should try contacting us first to see what information we can provide you :)
  • If you are worried about your delivery, have concerns about your products, or simply wish to cancel an order being processed, please contact us first and we will help you. You have the right to use PayPal's dispute resolution system, but this takes a long time due to PayPal needing to manually review all cases. We can always help you within one working day in regards to any cancellations, refunds, delivery issues, and return cases.
  • Click here to read about PayPal's privacy, security, and buyer protection policies. When using any online payment system it's important to stay informed about online fraud protection, and improve your awareness of phishing scams.

There are two ways to pay for your Ankaka order by PayPal:

  • Follow the online checkout at, complete your payment in PayPal, and PayPal will send you back to when the payment is completed.
    This is the best method, because your payment will be automatically connected to your order details in our system, and your order will start processing immediately..
  • Use the PayPal Send Money feature,which is explained in the following section.
    This is the method you can use if you missed the online checkout payment option.

Sending Money With PayPal

The address to send payment to is:

Make sure you state your name, address, and order number (find out your order numbers here) - and we will match your payment to your order within one working day, and notify you that your order is processing.

  • The "Amount" is the total price of your order including shipping.

(2) Bank Transfer

During the checkout process, when “Bank Transfer” is selected, you will see the below screen:

how-to-pay-bank-transfer />
<br />
  Bank transfer:  also known as bank draft, international transfer, and telegraphic transfer  (T/T). <br />
  <p><strong>To send a Bank Transfer payment to Ankaka for an order, please tell your  bank the following details:</strong></p>
<ul class=
  • Write down or print out your order total amount
    click here to view records of all your orders in your Ankaka Account.

    (This is usually sufficient, if a specially formatted proforma invoice is required by your company please contact us with your requirements.)
  • Give your bank the Ankaka account details
    Print out the Ankaka Bank Account details listed below.
  • Instruct your bank to add comments to the transfer
    In order for us to match your payment to your order, on the bank transfer comments,please add: (A) your name;(B) order number.
  • Instruct your bank that you will pay charges
    Ask the bank staff to inform you in detail about any and all transfer charges, including intermediary banks. Don't worry; it is normally just a few dollars. You must elect to "pay all charges" since if the money arriving is less than the required invoice price, we may not be able to process your order.
  • Ankaka Bank Account

    Account Name:Chen Junyu
    Account Number: 6212998604582540
    Swift Code:CMBCHKHH
    Correspondent of Beneficiary's Bank:  JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York   (SWIFT CODE: CHASUS33)

    After submitting payment at your local bank:

    • 2-4 work days are required for the banks to complete the transaction, depending on the banks internal policies;
    • One work day for Ankaka to process your payment and match it to an order: You will receive an email from Ankaka to confirm that we have begun processing your order for delivery.
    • If you are sure you have successfully transferred a payment, and have not received the processing notification in 5 work days, please contact us with your order number and full details of your bank transfer

    (3) Western Union

    During the checkout process, when “Western Union” is selected, you will see the below screen:

    how-to-pay-west-union />
<br />
<p>Due to convenience of Western Union for us, we offer a 7% discount off your items (excluding shipping).</p>
<p>For Western Union payments:</p>
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  • Beneficiary: Junyu Chen 
  • First Name : Junyu
  • Last Name : Chen
  • Address :A2301,DongFangShiDai,HuaQiangBei RD,Shenzhen,China,518000
  • After your payment

    please reply this email back with the MONEY TRANSFER CONTROL NUMBER, FULL NAME, AMOUNT.


    • If you change your mind about your order or need any after sales support, we are here to help.
    • If you cancel or reduce your order we will keep your full payment on credit for future orders.
    • Successful delivery is guaranteed.
    • Even if your payment takes some time to arrive, your order will automatically be put at the front of the warehouse queue when we receive the payment.


    • If you have already checked out of your order but you now wish to pay by a new payment method, for example, you chose "bank transfer" but you now wish to pay by PayPal, you can just ignore the old order (which will automatically expire) and create a new one, choosing a new payment method in the checkout.
    • If you do not want to pay for an order, you can just ignore it and it will automatically expire.