How To Pay

There are 3 payment methods available:


(1) Credit Card/Debit Card/ PayPal

During the checkout process, when “Credit Card/Debit Card/ PayPal” is selected, you will see the below screen:


We have no access to your confidential financial information

PayPal is an intermediary in the payment process:
  • You order using the system.
  • You pay money directly to PayPal.
  • PayPal passes the payment to Ankaka.

Ankaka does not bill your credit card or bank account directly, and we have no access to your confidential financial information. 

When you pay by credit card via Paypal, it will appear on your credit card statements as"JUNYUCHEN", not "ANKAKA". This is to give you some privacy.

Our PayPal Account:

(2) Bank Transfer

During the checkout process, when “Bank Transfer” is selected, you will see the below screen:

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  Bank transfer:  also known as bank draft, international transfer, and telegraphic transfer  (T/T). <br />
  <p><strong>To send a Bank Transfer payment to Ankaka for an order, please tell your  bank the following details:</strong></p>
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You must select to "pay all charges" when you do bank transfer.

Ankaka Bank Account

Account Name:Chen Junyu
Account Number: 6212998604582540
Bank Address:  28/F, Three Exchange Square, 8 Connaught Place, Hong Kong
zip code: 999077

After submitting payment at your local bank:

  • 2-4 work days are required for the banks to complete the transaction, depending on the banks internal policies;
  • One work day for Ankaka to process your payment and match it to an order: You will receive an email from Ankaka to confirm that we have begun processing your order for delivery.
  • If you are sure you have successfully transferred a payment, and have not received the processing notification in 5 work days, please contact us with your order number and full details of your bank transfer

(3) Western Union

During the checkout process, when “Western Union” is selected, you will see the below screen:

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<p>Due to convenience of Western Union for us, we offer a 7% discount off your items (excluding shipping).</p>
<p>For Western Union payments:</p>
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  • Beneficiary: Junyu Chen 
  • First Name : Junyu
  • Last Name : Chen
  • Address : Shenzhen,GuangDong,China,518000
  • After your payment

    please contact us with the MONEY TRANSFER CONTROL NUMBER, FULL NAME, AMOUNT.