One-Touch Rising Light Alarm Clock w/ temperature and timer

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    One-Touch Rising Light Alarm Clock w/ Temperature and Timer

    Waking up is a pleasure with this sleek black cube by your bed. With a front panel bursting with information and color, including a delightful mint green, a mellow yellow and a vivacious violet, you can peacefully transition from your dreams to the waking world. A tall white light rises gently with a soft touch, illuminating your sanctuary, and falls back down with another.
    The cube's majestic side panels please your eyes with their tall flowering grasses curled by dreamy breezes. The alarm and timer functions also please those who wish not to sacrifice practicality for aesthetic and artistic pleasures. Where sensible functionality befriends beautiful design, this simple yet delightful cube is an essential companion for any bedside table.


    • Beautiful white soft glow lamp which rises and falls with a touch
    • Time, date, temperature (Celsius and Fahrenheit), and day of the week functions
    • Sleek black design with artistic side panels
    • Alarm and timer

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • 25w incandescent lighting
    • Rated voltage: 220V
    • Clock power supply: AAA * 2PCS (batteries not included)

    Package List

    1x Rising Light Alarm Clock


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