OBD2 Professional Diagnostic Ford & Mazda INCODE Tool

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    OBD2 Professional Diagnostic Ford & Mazda INCODE Tool


    This toll has been designed to assist you in diagnosing the engine performance of Ford and Mazda cars.  Connected to the diagnosis equipment or the OEM Programming Machine of your car it will display the INCODE information after the OUTCODE has been prompted.  It supports all VCM, T300, AD100 and SBB models and works with all ICANBUS models, both high speed and low speed.

    1. Connects the diagnosis equipment or OEM Key Programming Machine to Ford & Mazda cars
    2. Supports VCM/T300/AD100/SBB
    3. Works with all ICANBUS models, high-speed CAN and low-speed CAN

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Tools Support: VCM/T300/AD100/SBB

    Package List:
    1 X OBD2 Professional Diagnostic Ford & Mazda INCODE Tool

    Customer Service from Ankaka's Customer Service:
    1. Other equipment can only be to support the OUTCODE and can’t support INCODE input. The F&M CODE device can support all.
    2. Ford & Mazda INCODE is 4 bit, not 8 bit.
    3. The way to get INCONDE:
    A: Requesting PATS INCODE from the Agent
    B: With foreign code calculator
    (Error INCODE you getting is high, there are number of restrictions, the purchase price is expensive)


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